For Fashion Bloggers / Beauty Bloggers (Influencers)

You are blogger or influencer in the field of fashion or beauty? Use Stylebetsy to attract attention and gain new followers. We offer you the following options to use our platform and to cooperate (which are completely free): 

1. StyleUpdate

We publish a weekly "StyleUpdate", in which we present exceptional fashion findings. Regardless of whether you stumbled upon some nice leggings, a stylish blouse or an interesting coat - just tell us your finding and we'll inlcude it into our "StyleUpdate". Of course you don't have to participate each week and can go on hiatus at will. Needless to say that you will get mentioned besides your tip and will also get a link.

2. Interviews

In our magazine we publish interviews with personalities from fashion and beauty. Do you want to be interviewed, yourself? This is easily possible as we conduct the interview conveniently via email.

3. Guest Post

We gladly publish your guest post around fashion and beauty in our online fashion magazine. Just send us your proposal and we'll see. We would mention you as author and also provide you a link, of course.

4. Post Your Outfits and Favorite Pieces

Register and post your outfits and / or your current favorite piece. You can give several links in your profile (e.g. to your website, facebook or instagram) and attract attention this way. 

5. Style Questions

Contribute to style questions of the Stylebetsy community in different possible ways:

  • See current style questions and comment, if you can help
  • Offer your followers to answer their style questions, which are tagged with a particular hashtag (that you announce beforehand). This way you can find the style questions which are addressed to you and your followers can help among themselves with useful comments, also.
  • Occasionally we ask style questions ourselves, ask a number of style bloggers / influencers for answers and then publish them collectively in an article. If you participate, you will get mentioned and also a link. If you like, you can also answer the question in a video and we then publish your video answer (besides other answers) as video.

6. Video of Your Outfits

Gladly we create a video out of your best outfit photos and publish it on our YouTube channel. You will be mentioned together with a link in it, of course.

Are you interested in one or more of the possibilities above? Then get in touch by mail (email and contact). We look forward to the our cooperation!