Cooperation For Fashion or Beauty Brands and Shops

Do you run a shop or brand in the field of fashion or beauty? Cooperate with Stylebetsy to reach your target audience and attract attention. For this, we offer you the following free options:  

1. Post Outfits

Register and post photos of outfits with your products. In doing so, you can give links to the individual pieces in your online shop.

2. Post Favorite Pieces

Besides uploading outfits, Stylebetsy offers to post favorite pieces, meaning outstanding individual pieces of clothing. Register and use this function to announce exceptional products. You can link them, also.

3. Deals Of The Week

Every week, we publish our "Weekly Deals" - a selection of attractive fashion and beauty products with a discount of at least 20%. Participate to attract potential buyers to your brand or online shop.

4. Showcasing Your Product Samples

You can send us pieces of clothing or beauty items (only without charge and if we don't have to return them). Afterwards, we will possibly use the product (at our own discretion) for an outfit post and / or to post it as favorite piece and / or on our social media channels, mentioning its origin (your brand or shop). 

Please notice that we cannot guarantee, if, when and how we might use your product, though. We decide on a case-by-case basis if it fits to us and our content. If a usage of a particular product is crucial to you, please coordinate this with us beforehand, as we don't take over costs for sent products nor return them, even if we don't use them.

5. Sweepstakes

We can also showcase your products in the context of sweepstakes. In doing so, it isn't necessary to actually send us the product, as we can just use your photo of it and shipping it to the winner would be carried out by yourself, also.

Are you interested in one of the cooperation possibilites, mentioned above? Then register now for free or contact us (email and contact form). We look forward to cooperate with you!