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You want to reach your fashion or beauty oriented target audience to promote your brand or its products or services? We offer following advertising and sponsorship opportunities:

Weekly Deals

Present your fashion or beauty products in our Weekly Deals, which we publish every Thursday. Participate to reach your fashion or beauty oriented target audience and potential buyers. Taking part is free for 2 month – only if you submit offers after that, a small fee will be charged.

Product Presentation / Product Samples

You can send us your samples (pieces of clothing and / or beauty products) – as long as without obligation to return and free of charge.

We will then use the product (at our own discretion) as appropriat for an outfit post and / or possibly post it as favorite piece and / or on our social media presences. In the process we mention the origin of the product, so your shop or brand name.

Lottery / Sweepstake

We can your present your products within the context of a lottery / sweepstake. For this it isn't necessary to send us the product – a photo suffices and the shipping to the winner would be done by you.

Native Advertising

Various forms of native advertising such as advertorials, cooperations or branded content can be agreed upon.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a hot trend in online marketing these days. In collaboration with fashion and beauty bloggers / influencers we can organize influencer marketing campaigns for you. We don't only concentrate on the most important figures of the influencer scene, but mostly on influencers with smaller follower numbers, who quite often have more loyal followers – what gets you more value for your advertising money.

Content Marketing

Together, we can run content marketing – this is even free! Please contact us for more details.

Sponsoring of Style Help / StyleUpdate

Through our Style Help the Stylebetsy community can ask for advice for a new hairstyle, an individual makeup or entirely new look. We submit their questions to hairstylists, makeup artists, stylists or other fashion and beauty experts, asking for answers, and then publish the questions with the answers.

You can sponsor this and choose if you sponsor all Style Help categories (new hairstyle / new makeup / new look) or just a particular one (depending on what matches your brand or products best).

You can also sponsor our StyleUpdate, where various bloggers and influencers present their fashion and beauty discoveries of the week.

Sponsoring of other content is possible as well, by arrangement.

Please use the mentioned advertisement and sponsoring opportunities to reach your fashion or beauty oriented target audience! Please now submit your inquiry here:

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