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Just choose from the following collaboration options (or take part in all of them):

Post Outfits and Favorite Pieces

Register and post your Outfits and current Favorite Pieces. You can include multiple links in your user profile (e.g. to your website, Facebook page and your Instagram).

Get Cooperations and Earn Money

We work with shops and brands to help them reach their fashion and beauty oriented target audience. For this we look for bloggers / influencers to partner with – for paid cooperations. Contact us now, so that we can consider you for that in future.

Participate in our Style Help

In our Style Help the Stylebetsy community can ask for individual advice for a new hairstyle, makeup or an entirely new look. We show incoming questions to hairstylists, makeup artists, stylists, fashion bloggers and other style experts and then publish their answers in combination with the questions – so that others can learn from it, too. Participate as well by giving advice yourself to gain attention, new followers or clients!

Participate in the StyleUpdate

We publish a weekly StyleUpdate, wherein we present fashion findings, submitted by various fashion bloggers and influencers. Regardless of whether you stumbled upon some nice leggings, a stylish blouse or an interesting coat – just submit your discoveries, too, and we'll inlcude them into that StyleUpdate. Of course you don't have to participate each week, but can take part at will. Needless to say that you will be named beside your tip along with your photo and will also get a link.

Give Outfit Tips

As a fashion blogger / influencer you constantly come across interesting outfits. Bring such outfits to our attention, which we then include (together with the recommendations of others) in a weekly article where we present these outfits. Of course, we name you beside your outfit tip along with your photo and also link to you, what will give you reach and get you new followers.

Participate in the Community

Contribute to the Stylebetsy community:

  • see current style questions and comment, if you can help
  • offer your followers to answer their style questions, which they can submit at and have to tag with a special hashtag of your choice. This way you can find your follower’s questions, who additionally can help each other with comments as well


You like producing videos? Then just participate with short videos. For this, you don’t need to own a studio and fancy video equipment – video recordings with your smartphone suffice! Contact us to learn more.

Contribute to Roundup Posts

We regularly publish roundup posts (articles around a fashion or beauty topic, to which several fashion / beauty bloggers contribute to by adding their opinion). When you participate in such a roundup post, we name you beside your contribution along with your photo and also link to you. Just contact us, if you would like to participate in such roundup posts.

Social Media Cooperation

It isn't easy to post interesting content on social media, continuously. We have ideas, how you can partner with us to effortlessly create attractive social media posts, suitable for your fashion, beauty and style oriented target audience.

Guest Blogging (Guest Posting)

We publish guest posts around fashion or beauty topics in our magazine – just send us your proposal, if you are interested to have your article published on (of course we name you as author together with your photo and also link to you).

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