Submit Offers for Our Weekly Deals as Shop or Brand

We offer fashion and beauty brands or online shops to present their products in our Weekly Deals to reach their fashion or beauty oriented audience and potential buyers.

Free for 2 Month

Participation is free for two month – this means that you can submit your offers for our Weekly Deals for 8 consecutive weeks, without charge! Only if you submit offers beyond that, small fees will be charged.

Small Fee After Free Period

For offers submitted after the end of the two-month free period, the following low fee applies:

10,- EUR per offer / week


Assumed that you submit a necklace as offer to include in the Weekly Deals .. for this we would charge 10,- EUR. Or if in another week you'd submit deals for a belt, a pant and a blouse (= 3 offers / week) .. we then would charge 30,- EUR for that.

No subscription and no commitment – you only pay for offers that you submit here, yourself. You can submit deals every week, pause just as you like or discontinue at any time.

Benefits included

 Publication of your offers on our Weekly Deals page, including link.
 Promotion of the Weekly Deals in our associated Weekly Deals email newsletter.
 Promotion of the Weekly Deals on our social media presences (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat).
 Production of a video, containing your offer (for above-mentioned promotional purposes).

Participation is possible if you operate as a business and offer a discount of at least 20%. All fashion and beauty products can be offered – apparel, accessoires, shoes, watches, jewelry and cosmetics.

Further information and conditions:

  • We publish participating deals sorted by categories (e.g. skirts, shoes, belts, jewelry etc). Each shop / brand can submit only one or various products per week – but not more than one item per category and week..
  • New "Weekly Deals" will be published every Thursday 4 pm and participating offers have to maintain their stated discounts from then on consistently throughout the entire week (only ending when the next Weekly Deals appear – i.e. until following Thursday, 4 pm).
  • Submission deadline for having your offer included in the next upcoming Weekly Deals is two days before (Tuesday, 4 pm).
  • We strive to present offers which can be found only at our place during the relevant week. Hence, there should be exclusivity for a submitted offer throughout that week, meaning that you should not offer that item with the same or higher discount elsewhere at the same time.

Participate Now

Now submit your offer for the upcoming Weekly Deals to reach your target audience and potential buyers, here:

Our Shop / Brand Name:

Offer Title (please refrain from calls like "click here!" or promotional language such as "awesome belt" – just characterize the item neutrally and preferebly together with its brand name, e.g. "Leather Handbag From [Brand]". We reserve to alter the given title. – at least 20, maximally 200 characters

Granted Discount for this offer (the more you give, the higher we place your offer – leading to better visibility, resulting in potentially more clicks and purchases):

Product Link (must lead directly to the offer's product page on your own website / online shop and be active not later than 2 hours before the action week starts to allow us testing it, beforehand):

Discount Code (necessary only if the discount isn’t already stated on the product’s page and deducted automatically when the product is bought. We'd appreciate if the discount code contains "Stylebetsy"):

Contact Person (won't be published, only for us, if we have queries regarding your offer and to inform you when we published your submitted offer):

Email Address of this person (won't be published and be used only by us, if we have queries and to inform you when your offer is published):

Product Photo (please upload a picture of the offer here, as .jpg or .png):

Hereby we accept the conditions above and allow Stylebetsy to use the product’s information and uploaded product picture to announce and promote it in its "Weekly Deals" without time limit on its websites, email newsletters, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat etc.) as well as in videos, which Stylebetsy can publish in any mentioned place. I assure that we are creator of uploaded picture or otherwise have obtained explicit consent from its originator to allow Stylebetsy a usage as stated above.

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