Black Dress – Which Shoes to Wear?

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Which shoes can I wear to a black dress?

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Here are my tips for what shoes to wear with a black dress:

Calf boots

Black calf boots are the best when worn with a black dress. You will be protected from most of the elements which can injure you. If you want to attend a social event, you can wear calf boots with a printed black dress for that elegant look. If you want to appear more stylish, you need to consider wearing knitted socks which rise above the boots.

That way, you will not only look attractive, but you will also keep your legs and toes warm especially during winter.


You might think that moccasins can only be worn with jeans. You are very wrong. If you are a fan of driving, you can put on your black dress with these shoes. Since they are made of leather, they are great for the weekends or for going out.

Most importantly you can wear them with or without tights at any time of the year making them very convenient.


It is the latest trend out there. They give a more appealing look compared to the flats. With black loafers and a black dress, you will catch the eyes of everyone. It is a very comfortable yet trendy official outfit.

Ankle boots

You sometimes want feel easy and effortless as you carry out your routine chores. The best attire for you is a black dress and ankle boots. To add more taste to your fashion, you can wear a leather jacket and sunglasses.

Valet bumps

During summer, they go very well with a black dress which sits above the knees.
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The black dress is an important piece in any wardrobe. Of course, shoes are just as important!

Shoes play an important part in any outfit as they have the ability to make dresses look informal and formal. Therefore, its really important to pick shoes that suit the occasion as much as it is important to pick shoes that match your dress!

Any black dress will suit a nice pair of classic high heels. These are smart and sexy and will compliment your dress brilliantly.

But, heels are not suitable for every occasion. If you need a formal but comfier alternative you can wear a smart pair of flats or ballet pumps. The possibilities don't stop there.

For a great, informal look we love to wear a nice pair of sneakers with a black dress which gives a casual, fun, but edgy look!
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Black dresses are one of the easy dress colors you can pick without having trouble with what you can wear to compliment it.

Your choices are unlimited when you want a shoe for a black dress, however, you have to keep in mind the occasion.

Black dresses are mostly worn for funerals although not limited. So if you're going for a funeral, you might want to use black shoes or white shoes. More also, if you're wearing a black dress for a party or wedding, the best shoe to use will be a cherry red-colored shoes, you can compliment the shoes with a red purse.

For formal occasions like weddings or parties, you may want to wear a heeled black shoes to bring out the elegance in the dress.

Furthermore, if you want to wear your black dress casually, you can actually use any color of shoes you want. It could be flat, heeled. wedged, etc., depending on your level of comfort.

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