Blue Blazer – Which Pants?

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Which pants should I wear to a blue blazer? I just bought one, now I'm wondering what pants I can wear to it?

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I think that the key to answering this question depends on what event/occasion you'll be wearing the blazer to.

Then the following questions come into play: What is the style of the blazer, is it single breasted, double breasted, peplum, or a waterfall blazer? What are you going to wear underneath the blazer?

For an informal occasion I'd be looking to pair a blue blazer with some stonewashed skinny leg jeans, and most likely a relaxed white top underneath. Add some Converse High-tops, or some stylish trainers and away you go.

For a more formal look I'd be looking towards a button down shirt, and some formal pants in a similar shade of blue to the blazer. Utilise the color wheel principle to help you match your outfits, opt for either a monochromatic approach, or complementary which might see you pairing this blazer with orange pants, or even a triadic approach.
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Blazers are trendy and fashionable nowadays and having a blue blazer in your wardrobe is a plus to your fashion. This colour puts your sense of fashion to another level.

Blazers are known to go well with official pants but today women are blending them with different types of pants and they are looking good on them. Different shades of blue blend well with different colours of pants. A blue blazer is a staple especially when you like to experiment different colours.

You can put on white graphic tee with ripped white jeans then tuck in your tee pair this look with nude heels then throw on your blue blazer. The final look is amazing as you will have mixed formal and casual wear.

When you are an office person, a blue blazer will serve you well. This goes with any matching official pants. You can decide to put on a white button down blouse then match your official pants with the same shade of your blue blazer and pair this look with a bright coloured heel so that it complements the blue suit.

Pegged trousers can be incorporated in your style and when you wear your nude pair then pair this look with a white spaghetti top then; put on flats that match your pants then layer the look with a blue blazer it looks outstanding.

Your bright coloured crop top with wide foot pants that are flowing paired with slides and accessorized with simple jewelleries will blend well. This outfit layered with a blue blazer is a good casual outfit.
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Blue blazer is a classic wear which can be worn time to time and it’s always ladies favourite wear since the outfit always look hot. Blazer especially blue blazer is very versatile in nature since it can be worn on several occasions with several unique pants and still style ones look. Blue blazers look extra pretty when worn with dress trousers, funnel trousers, corduroy trousers, chinos as well as jean.

Blue is always a cool look and always look cute with people especially those with neutral skin tone. You can pair your blue blazer with a white dress shirt and grey trousers for an amazing look. Here you can add a silk ties for additional attractive look. Add a brown brogues to finish your outfit and you will be looking lovely and stylish.

For casual look, choose a casual t-shirt and pair it a brown corduroy trouser and a leather loafers. Add your favourite blue blazer to style your looks.

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