Casual Outfits with Jeans?

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What are your tips for casual outfits with jeans?

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How to pair jeans with a casual outfit

In my personal wardrobe, jeans are a mainstay of any casual outfit.

If you would like to know how best to pair jeans with the casual end of your wardrobe, you have a few options.

First and foremost, with almost any shade of blue denim jeans, I favor a black sweater or jumper on your top half. This is a classic look and there is room to improvise – I tend to accessorize with a simple leather belt but some silver bracelets really add something to this particular outfit.

If you're looking for the best way to pair up your black or darker jeans, I will always recommend a breezy and light t-shirt to go with this, cinched in with a wide brown belt. This is one of my favorite casual outfits and I'm sure that you could have fun customizing it to your particular tastes.

Lastly, jean cutoffs or any fun and funky colored jeans in your repertoire can be paired with a hoody or sized top for a skater or grunge look, another fun way to maximise the items of your wardrobe.
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Casual Outfits without Jeans...?!

I find it hard to imagine casual outfits without jeans forming an integral part of the outfit.

There are so many easy combinations that you could turn to, it all depends on how casual you want to look. A slubby t-shirt, with a hoody thrown on over the top, paired with skinny jeans and a pair of Converse High Tops and you're on to a winner, albeit at the very casual end of the spectrum.

For something a little smarter opt for a slightly more fitted top or blouse, or some fine knitwear which will offset the jeans.
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The first thing you need to decide is: what colour jeans?

White jeans look great in the summer, and look particularly good when worn with a loose floaty shirt. Team with neutral or beige skinny heels and a small clutch bag.

If you prefer more traditional colours, wear your girlfriend jeans with a flowy blouse in a pale colour, with heels to show of tanned ankles.

Show off our beautiful shoulders with a ruffled drop-shoulder blouse and ripped skinny jeans. Complete this summer evening look with neutral skinny heels. If you're happy to show of your midriff, wear a crop top instead.

For a romantic look, wear your ripped turn-up jeans with a strappy top and a floaty kimono. This looks goes well with chunky wedge sandals.

A vibrant, off the shoulder ruffle top teamed with matching espadrilles and dark blue jeans gives the casual look a lift. Why not mix it up and wear a floaty floral dress over a white t-shirt with your jeans, cinched in at the waist using a chunky leather belt.

Sneakers or heels will compliment this look.
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There are numerous kinds of ways to set yourself with a casual look for the weekend. Having a simple top and a simple boot or shoe should make you look classic and Casualty to.

With sneakers.

With your sneakers, you can bring in that casual look for the weekend. Adding a simple top with your jeans and repairing them with those favourite sneakers of yours is more than enough to give you that casual look.

With boots.

You can decide to go with any kind of boots. Blending them in with those jeans of yours it's more than enough set you ready for the weekend. You can go with either ankle boots or over-the-knee boots because both will bring in that casual look easily.

With your cardigan or denim jacket.

In case it's cold you can decide to have a cardigan or a denim jacket with you. This will keep you warm and still maintain your casual look. Having a blazer as a substitute is also lovely. However, a blazer can only implement a smart casual look.

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