How Can I Wear a Blazer With a Skirt?

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How can I wear a blazer with a skirt?

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Pairing a blazer with a skirt depends on the length of the skirt.

If the skirt is long, you have the option of wearing a blazer that is a little longer in length. If the skirt you are wearing is shorter, you will want to wear a blazer that sits just a little below your waist line. You will want to avoid having the blazer fall longer than the length of the skirt you are wearing.

It is also important to pick a blazer that will compliment the color of skirt you are wearing.

Typically, a black blazer with go with anything, but if you are wanting to give your outfit a little pop, pick a color that will accent the skirt color.

Finally, depending on the event and the weather, you may want to wear the blazer open, or button it closed for warmth.
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Blazers will never disappoint as you can put then on any outfit.

You can decide to incorporate them in your different outfits so that you look different. Blazers are worn on different design of skirts make the whole outfit to look outstanding.

Layering your outfit puts your sense of style to another level as it shows how you like to look good and putting some effort in your outfit. Therefore women should invest in different designs and colours of blazers to style their outfits.

An official knee length skirt paired with a white button down blouse complements each other. This outfit will look more official when layered with a matching blazer. To finish this look you can wear colourful heels then carry your hand bag.

A long black skirt paired with a white crop top blend really well. You can decide to pair this outfit with slides. Then throw on your yellow blazer and you will be ready to rock.

A leather skirt will never disappoint when paired with graphic tee. This outfit will be splendid when you put on a sky blue blazer then you can finish by wearing your vans.

A skater skirt paired with a fitting top looks good when paired with a fitting blazer. This is fashion of its kind especially when you wear with your lace up brown heels it looks amazing.

You can wear your denim skirt then pair it with a plain tee then throw on your black blazer. This is trendy and looks more fashionable when paired with white sneakers.
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Wearing a blazer with a skirt is often a popular choice. Of course, you will have to give it one thought if you really want to pull off this preppy, sexy look.

The first step is to find a lovely feminine blazer that is slimly cut. Start your search online and you are sure to find something that will be suitable.

Make sure that the blazer is the right length for you. You want it to sit just past your waist. Make sure that it is definitely not longer than your skirt!

A great short skirt looks wonderful with a blazer – make sure your skirt choice matches. A navy blazer looks great with most things.

A blazer and skirt look can be a very versatile outfit. You can wear it for a day at the office as well on the weekend.

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