How to Combine a Bodysuit?

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How can I wear a bodysuit?

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Lots of people have problems styling bodysuits, but there's a couple of ways that you can improve your chances of success. Try considering the fabric. Bodysuits made out of a stretched lace material can be dressed up with a long jersey skirt of a complementary colour and boots for goth glam. Alternatively it can be a great party outfit with heels and a short tiered skirt for dancing divas.

You can even dress up your office outfit by throwing a fitted navy or black blazer over a light coloured body suit (make sure your bra is complementary) and a pair of classic cut trousers and heels. Obviously this depends on the type of office you work in though. If it's filled with a bunch of stuffy older ladies the outfit may not fly.

The good thing about a suit and bodysuit is it can take you from daytime to evening with very little effort. Take off the jacket to expose a scoop neck bodysuit, add some accessories and killer red lippy and away you go. Perfect for meeting friends straight after work.

Remember though, that even though we can tell you how to combine a bodysuit with your other clothing items, we can't make it any easier to go to the loo in. Press studs suck, so don't get too tipsy while drinking with your friends :)
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If you’ve struggled into your bodysuit, you are now reaping the benefits of a smooth base which doesn’t come untucked, ride up or wrinkle, so your first option is simply to treat it as a top and add a bottom half. If your bodysuit is a t-shirt style then pull on a pair of jeans or shorts.

For something more sheer add a skirt or a smart pair of trousers. You could even take it through to the evening with a black sparkly or off-the-shoulder bodysuit and a pair of evening trousers.

For layering you could treat it like a camisole to add interest to the shirt or sweater on top, so combine colours and textures. For example, a lacy bodysuit will lift a plain shirt to something more interesting.

There is the thorny question of wearing a bra underneath. If you can get away with it, use the bodysuit to flaunt your figure. If you prefer, or need, to wear a bra, try not to get the two styles entangled. A complicated, strappy, lacy bra is going to spoil the smooth lines of the bodysuit, and the look you’re aiming for, so best stick to a smooth sports-type bra.
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Bodysuit Outfits

You can create many outfits with a bodysuit simply by creating a layered effect. For a daytime look, wear a round necked or turtleneck bodysuit under a loose shirt and match with jeans or casual trousers or with a skirt and tights. You can also wear a casual denim jacket on top.

For evening, you can choose a bodysuit with a V neck and wear a shrug or boyfriend cardigan on top, then match with jeans, trousers or skirts.

For a more formal look, wear a tailored jacket over your body suit and a matching formal skirt or trousers.
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Bodysuits are everywhere and they look really good paired with the right kind of outfit. You might be wondering exactly what is the best way to team a bodysuit in order or it to look as stand out as possible?

It really does depend on the style of bodysuit and what the occasion might be, but there are a couple of ways that you can combine a bodysuit for it to look really good.

Pairing a bodysuit with some skinny jeans and a pair of boots/flats is a sexy but subtle look. The bodysuit shapes you, while the jeans elongate your legs and the entire look comes together beautifully. Casual bodysuits look like any standard top but somehow more eye-catching. Bodysuits are now becoming staple garments for night outs and this is the other way that you can wear it.

Wear a more detailed bodysuit with a pair of leather pants, a skirt or high waisted shorts. This is guaranteed to look amazing and ensures all eyes on you.

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