How To Dress Up a Plain Dress?

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How can I dress up a plain dress?

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When you wear plain dresses, you have so many possibilities of mixing and matching the outfit.

Complimenting plain dresses is best with a different color. So let's say for example, If you have a plain brown dress, you can either wear a plain white shoes, or multicolored shoes with some noticeable brown in it, to bring out the color in the brown dress.

If you have a purse to match your shoes, that will be perfect, however, you can also use a brown purse or white purse for a plain white shoes. Now your shoes can be flat, low or high-heeled.

When wearing a bright-colored dress, it is best to compliment the dress with a less-bright colored shoes and purse. For example, if wearing a red dress. You can use either a black or silver purse and shoes respectively.

Your necklaces could be either silver or gold, or even one of the colors in your clothing (shoe, purse or the dress itself).
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Dresses are one of those pieces that women do not miss them in their wardrobes and a plain dress is one of them. A plain dress can be a bit challenging to dress but it is amazing how it blends with so many pieces. This should be a staple in your wardrobe as it can be dressed up or down as it is plain. It needs some accessorizes and throws on here and there to look spectaculars.

When you are an office person this is go to dress. You can decide to put on a navy blue plain dress accessorize it with a brown belt then pair the look with heels then layer it with a white blazer it looks outstanding.

A plain dress can be good a attire for an elegant business meeting this dress can be worn with nude heels then throw on a matching blazer that is longer than your pain dress .You can carry your documents in a hand bag that match your shoes.

This plain dress can be blended and you will be ready to go for dinner. Put on a nude short plain dress then throw on your flowing sweater that has some details then blend this look with bright coloured heels.

A black plain dress is a necessity and this piece go well with almost everything. You can decide to put on a blue denim jacket then pair the outfit with white sneakers then put on a brown bag belt and you will be ready for a nature walk.
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If you have a dress that flatters your figure but is a little bit plain, there are several little tricks you can use to glam it up. Here are 3 my favourites:

1. Go all out with a statement belt

A big belt around the waist will certainly draw attention away from the plain dress and draw the eyes to your stunning waist line. Contrast the colours for maximum effect.

2. Wear a brooch

Brooches are definitely underrated and an absolute favourite way of mine to brighten up an outfit. Search your local antique shops for unique finds.

3. Brighten up your make up

You don't have to alter the dress to brighten it up. By choosing to make another body part the centre of attention, you draw the focus away from the plain dress and to your gorgeous face instead.

Have fun experimenting!

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