How to dress up a sweatshirt?

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How to dress up a sweatshirt?

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You can dress up a sweatshirt in so many ways. You can wear it casually with a jean pant and a tennis shoe during the mild cold seasons like fall and spring, you can also throw a jacket on it to beat the winter chills.

Also during the mild seasons, you can wear a skirt under the shirt, with either a tennis shoes, flat shoe or even a heel. more also you can also wear a sweat pant along with your tennis shoes under your sweat shirt to get an all round warm and comfy feeling.

Leggings can also go along with a sweatshirt, and a flat heeled shoes or tennis shoes if you so desire.

You can also make them office-worthy by wearing a very nice jean pant with a collared shirt and the sweatshirt in top, this comes out really classy with a high-heeled shoe to compliment.

Another option for the office look is ditching the collared shirt, and wearing just the sweatshirt with or without a jacket.
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The athleisure trend doesn't just mean it's ok to wear leggings outside of the gym, thanks to street style influencers, sweatshirts are also having a moment. But how to wear them without looking as though you're on your way to spin class?

A sweatshirt worn with a midi skirt has become a modern classic and looks great on a night out at or a casual business meeting, however it's your accessories that will really smarten up your sweatshirt game. For once we're not going for chunky statement pieces, but a delicate gold necklace and your most minimal earrings will contrast with the sporty sweatshirt look.

This is also a great opportunity to bust out that silk scarf you got for Christmas but never knew how to wear, it'll turn you from gym bunny to chic Parisian style icon in minutes.
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The following are ways of dressing a sweatshirt. These are;

Top blend:

Select a plain V-neck sweatshirt for good-looking choice. To select a multipurpose sweatshirt that can be worn to casual workplace environment, go with one that is trim in figure and free of symbols. A plain sweatshirt works pronounced.

Dress a vest below and a blazer topmost for a business-casual appearance. Begin putting on a white T-shirt that is lengthier than your sweatshirt. Follow it by your sweatshirt, at the end, dress a blazer above your sweatshirt for a refined addition. This perfect when in need of a winter suit to dress to the office.

Bottom blend

Dress your preferred braces of jeans with your sweatshirt for an unpremeditated appearance, choose a brace of jeans that brings out the best look in you. You can opt for a thin jean for an up-to-date look, or opt for bootcut duo for an old-style look. This appearances are pronounced for dangling out with friends, as well as for watching movies. You can select a fleet hoodie with silvery thin jeans for a fashionable look.

Pick a duo of stockings for a comfortable suit. To give out a perfect look, select a pair of designed stockings in fibre or fur material. Wear leggings also with your sweatshirt if you are doing manual work with your friend. Associate a duo of black buckskin leggings with a trim black sweatshirt for a one-color look. Choose a skirt and tights with your sweatshirt for an additional elegant look.

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