How to Match Accessories With Dresses?

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How to match accessoires with dresses?

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Accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings makes your look more elegant and beautiful for sure. so when wearing them, it is necessary that you pick the right one for the occasion.

When you are going out on formal occasions like weddings, or cock tail parties, you should pick the bold and flashy accessories, like the gold, silver and diamonds. Plated ones are allowed too since the genuine ones can be very expensive.

Most of the times, silver and diamond colored accessories go well with red or black dresses. gold accessories also go well with so many other colors like brown, green, etc.

Also make sure your accessories are matching or at least in the same colors. too many colors of accessories makes you look a bit overdressed.

If you want to go multi-color in your accessories, keep them to a maximum of two, and the other should be the same with your dress color.

When you are going out for a date, it is better to keep the accessories simple to plain necklaces and earrings that will make both you and your date comfortable.
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When it comes to accessorizing, there are no rules. You should do whatever feels right to you and follow your own instincts. However, to avoid fashion fails and for the purpose of first-timers when it comes to accessories, there are basic rules to guide you.

The neckline of your dress should guide you to the type of accessory to finish your look with. Huge necklaces combined with bold statement earrings are a huge fashion fail.

If you are wearing a strapless dress, you should accessorize it with a choker necklace and earrings to match, that are not huge. When you wear a V-neck dress you can accessorize it with a V-shape necklace or a pendant that should not disappear into your cleavage. With a button-down shirt dress, you can wear a long necklace with pearls and stones, in or out.

You can also button all the way up and wear jewelry under the collar. On a jewel neck neckline, wear a necklace that will sit on the exact position of the collar of the dress. A halter dress will not require one to wear a necklace but just bold earrings.
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The Magic of Accessorising

You can wear the same dress with sandals, casual bag and long earrings for a totally different style. Accessories work like magic to transform your look. Your headwear, footwear and jewellery complete your outfit. They make your wardrobe both creative and versatile.

Using Accessories Wisely

When choosing accessories for a dress, remember the look you want, whether smart or casual and pick accordingly. Choose accessories which either match or compliment your dress. Complimenting accessories would be compatible with the colour, rather than matching it. Never go for all matching accessories or you’ll look silly. Get creative and have fun.

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