How to Pull of Red Lipstick?

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How can I pull of red lipstick?

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The main thing that you need to ask yourself when trying to decide whether red lipstick is appropriate for the outfit or scenario that you have in mind is whether you yourself feel confident and assured wearing it.

The choice of a bold, red lipstick can be an intimidating one – both for you making the decision and for those around you!

If you feel confident in yourself when wearing red lipstick then this will show itself in the way that you hold yourself and that confidence is palpable.

A lot of people do not feel that red lipstick will suit the sort of outfits that they wear in the workplace but this feeling is an old fashioned one – there are of course degrees of red, a more demure crimson would never look out of place but don't be surprised if you turn a few heads wearing a bright, electric red lipstick in a formal setting!
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Match your Lipstick to your Skin Tone

You're probably thinking of a statement red lipstick. To really pull this off, the shade needs to match your skin tone. If your skin has undertones of pink, you will suit a deeper blue red, similar to the colour of tomato paste.

If your skin has undertones of yellow, you will suit a brighter orange red. With both of these colours, keep your eye makeup simple, for example just some black eye liner.

If you can't figure out your skin tone, or if you love heavy eye makeup, you might be better off going for a more subtle purple red lipstick.
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Red lipstick never goes out of style and the look doesn’t have to be intimidating all; that is, if you follow a few basic guidelines to ensure that you get it just right.

The golden rule is to carefully consider your undertone, as lip colour isn’t any different from choosing the correct foundation for your skin tone.

As a rule of thumb, bright reds are more suited to cool, pink-toned skins, whereas darker, more intense reds compliment warmer, yellow undertones.

Once you know what shade of red to use, it is important to construct a complimentary look. First things first: your eye makeup.

Keeping in mind that a red lip commands a lot of attention, it would be wise to shy away from a dramatic look, like, say, a smoky eye. A few layers of mascara and a modest beige shadow are all you need.

Now, when it comes to blusher, the correct route to follow would also be a neutral tone that is close to your natural shade. Think Kim Kardashian and go for a bronze colour. Pink shades are definitely out, as these will clash with your red lip.

You can always coordinate your look afterward by blending a smidgen of your red lip colour on the apple of your cheeks with your fingers.

Anyone who’s ever worn red lips will tell you that it is very unforgivable to apply, meaning you’ll have to be precise in the application process. Make sure that the colour doesn’t bleed by applying a conservative amount of concealer around the border of your mouth.

And so, if you follow these guidelines, you too can achieve a fabulous red lip look in no time.
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Lipsticks have just got better – more moist, more smear-free, more long-lasting and certainly more bold.

The best thing about modern lipsticks is that ultra-pigmented means that you’re getting to get the exact same colour on your lips that you see in the tube.

With red lipsticks this season, its a case of going juicy with vibrant red shades. There are no rules when it comes to red lipstick, but it helps to think about eye colour and skin tone.

Bold brights can certainly make your teeth look whiter, while those orangey-reds look stunning with a golden tan.

Day- and Night-time Glamour

If you're not quite ready to go all out bold with red, try a sheer texture – there are leading brands that offer some great sheers. Matte lip colour or full-on cream lipstick – most girls like the smooth application and gel-like consistency of a cream lipstick and of course they’re less involved and a simple approach to red lips.

Bright red looks can take you from the beach to a cocktail dinner or to work – get ready to add a bit of glamour to your day or night.

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