How to Wear a Blazer With a Dress?

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How can I wear a blazer with a dress? How do I put together a good outfit with a blazer and a dress?

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Matching your Dress with a Blazer

The best style of blazer to wear with your dress is the traditional, tailored blazer which is shaped at the waist. You can wear this kind of blazer with any style of dress, be it long, medium or short or floaty or clingy and you can choose colours and textures that complement your dress.

For example, a knee length, straight blue cotton or polyester dress will go really well with a tailored blazer in either a matching blue or any other complementary colour like black, white, beige or grey.

You can choose either a light matching fabric for your jacket or, for a more formal look, a heavier fabric.

A long floral dress will go well with a grey or white jacket or pick out one of the colours in the dress to match with your jacket. For example a dress with peach coloured flowers and green leaves would go well with a green jacket.

Wear shoes in the same colour as your jacket to tie the whole outfit together.
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The best blazer to wear with a dress is the classic tuxedo-cut blazer, which matches any dress and can be worn either during the day or night.

Adding a blazer to your wardrobe also spices up dormant dresses especially fitted blazers. They are great with a tunic, knee-length and other lengths of dresses in between.

You have to match the colour and fabric of the dress to the blazer to wear, and the suit should also be casual, decorative, floral and sparkling.

Another consideration is determining the shape and design of the blazer not too tight but a fitting bottom to lessen the feeble thickness of the top. The fabric of the blazer together with colour should complement the dress while neutralising the colour but not necessarily matching.

Add accessories on your outfits such as a chunky bracelet, earrings, belt around the blazer and a matching shoe to the dress or blazer.

The belt should complement the dressing and never exaggerate the accessories as you expect the blazer to create an impact in the outfit.
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Wearing a Blazer with a Dress

The first thing you will have to do is decide on the color of blazer. You will want to make sure the color of the blazer will compliment the color of the dress you have in mind.

Traditionally, black will match with anything. However, if you are wearing a light colored skirt, you may want a darker blazer. If the skirt is a dark color, you may want to opt for a lighter color blazer.

Then, you will need to determine the best length of the blazer that will match the length of the dress. If the dress is shorter, you will want to make sure the blazer does not fall longer than the length of the skirt.

Finally, you will need to decide whether or not to wear the blazer open or button closed. This will depend on the overall look you are trying to achieve.
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The blazer makes a great statement for your wear which makes it an essential part of your wardrobe, for it can add class to your boring dress or add attractiveness to your best dress.

The purpose of a blazer is to complement the dress we wear. Fitted blazers match well with dresses whereby bulky blazers don’t go well with the dress.

Classic tuxedo-cut blazer is one of the best blazers to wear with skirts for it suits both day and night time.

You can match your blazer perfectly with a loose-fitting short dress or any length dress, where the dress can be of any type like fancy, casual, sequin or floral.

The nature and colour of your blazer to wear is determined by the dress colour and fabric of the dress you wear.

It is better to have a fitted blazer for it will always look good without having to make it tighter all you need is focusing on your blazers cut and shape. Also, it is good to focus on the bottom part of the blazer to make sure it fits for it helps reduce the top bulkiness slightly.

When stocking your wardrobe with blazers look for colour and fabric for it matters the most for it should be able to speak for your dress.

With perfect blazer selection, there will be no need to match it with your clothing, for a blazer is always neutral to your clothing.

When you accomplish this and dressing code is on point, you need to add fashion accessories to make you look stand out. You can use a matching bracelet, earring and necklace this will make your outfit stunning.

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