How to Wear a Blazer with Jeans?

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How to wear a blazer with jeans?

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How to Wear a Blazer with Jeans?

A blazer with jeans is a classic look and one that never goes out of fashion. The first thing to do is pick the perfect blazer according to your body type, or the look you are going for.

If you are larger on the top, then I would suggest a blazer that finishes no longer than your waist, a boxy fit is perfect, with no more than 2 buttons. If you are smaller on top, you are able to get away with a longer silhouette, or even a more androgynous looking blazer.

A classic chic but comfortable look is a navy blazer, with a white t-shirt underneath, with pale blue straight leg jeans, and a plain Gucci loafer (if your budget can't stretch to Gucci, there are plenty of cheaper high street copies, Dune being one of them).

For a more dressy look I would suggest a black blazer, silk blouse with a pair of darker skinny blue/black jeans and some classic plain heels.

Ultimately a good blazer is an investment piece, it can be dressed up or down, and I would highly recommend having one (or two) in your wardrobe.
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Blazing With Jeans

You have so many options when it comes to wearing blazer with jeans. You can wear different types of tops on the jeans. You can wear a round neck top, buttoned top, a v-neck top, or even a dress shirt for an office-look.

You can decide to wear a tennis shoe with your blazer, a flat or even a high heel. some people even wear a wedged shoes, so you can try that out as well. When wearing your top, you can tuck it in or just let it out. you can also compliment your wear with a matching hat.
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Blazers and jeans are a popular combination to wear, with plenty of women wearing them out on the street. But how do they pull it off? What are the best combinations? That's a good question, which I'll answer below:

1. Ripped jeans: Blazers are a classic way to pull off a formal, office look. But what if you want to feel overdressed? Maybe your place of work doesn't require super-formal outfits. In that case, wearing ripped jeans (if you're allowed to wear them at work) will help offset the formality by offering a more edgy appearance. These are also great to wear on a casual day too.

2. High Heels: As I mentioned above, blazers are a classic way to look formal. And what perfect way to add to that level of formality? High heels. High heels are amazing at adding both a sense of feminity and polish to any look, especially blazers and jeans.

3. Oversized blazer: For more chillier days, nothing is more ideal than an oversized blazer. Wear a skinny pair of jeans with this jacket to compensate for your huge jacket and you're off to a cozy winter.

4. Roll up your sleeves: Want to look smart, but not over the top? Then roll up your sleeves to achieve a great smart casual look. Just make sure you're careful when rolling that you don't crease the rest of your blazer (and make sure your blazer's sleeves are even light enough to roll up in the first place!).
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The classic blazer and jeans combination is hard to resist, but there are a few do's and don'ts that should be followed.

Blazers should be worn with shirts or a light pullover. Ties are not essential, in fact for a more casual look its best to avoid a tie.

The jeans look best if they are dark blue, black or white.

The jeans would also look better if they are plain, no patterns or rips and have a straight leg, no boot cuts. A blazer adds a mature and smart aspect to an outfit so avoiding rips and big boot cuts are best to keep with that style.

If the blazer is lightly colored it is best to pair with lighter colored jeans unless the top is also lightly colored, then a darker pair of jeans would be a good choice too.

Overall, the main thing to remember is that the whole look should look smart but casual, sophisticated and mature.

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