How to wear a dirndl?

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How to wear a dirndl?

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Dirndl is a Bavarian traditional dress that you can incorporate in to your style if you like the 19th century vibes. They are mostly seen in particular events but you can try to be a little bit stylish by wearing them on your everyday activity. If you are that woman who appreciates culture by wearing clothes this is an ideal dress.

When you wear a dirndl you should put on a push up bra. This is because the dress is design to spill out your boobs. Then you can pair your outfit with simple white rubber shoes.

When you put on your dirndl put a matching crop blouse inside. This is essetntial as it complements the dress then you can pair this outfit with a pair of sneakers and apply a simple make up.

Put on your detailed dirndl dress then wear a plain tee inside. You can put on your white stockings and you will be ready to rock. Finish this look by wearing black flats.

You can wear your long dirndl then in the inside put on your off shoulder top to mix both traditional and modern look. You can pair this outfit with matching block heels.

When wearing a dirndl squeeze in and make sure it fit you and defines your boobs. Then you can throw on oversize blazer. This outfit will match with a pair of animal print flats.

Put on your dirndl dress then pair this outfit with a flowing sweater. Then add some earrings and a necklace and rock that event.
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How to wear a dirndl properly

First, you put on and button the blouse, adjusting the string to either show more or less cleavage, depending on your preference. Then you slide the dress over the blouse, tightening the laces in the front. You will need to adjust the blouse if it moved as you were putting the dress on.

If the dirndl also has an apron, tie the apron around your waist, making bows in the front or the back. The placement of the bow on the dirndl apron sends others a message, so be careful where you tie your bow.

Tying it to the left signifies you are single. If tied to the right, you are telling others you are taken. If the bow is tied in the middle, you are very young, and in the back, it tells others you are either a widow or a waitress.

To finish the look, simply add a small purse or necklace. Traditionally, black ballet flats are worn with dirndls, and hair is up and braided.
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Have you ever found yourself in a sea of ladies, young and old, all wearing variations of the exact same outfit? If you have, you might have been attending one of the iconic German festivals that takes place every fall and spring.

You might have even attended wearing your everyday street clothes, thinking that it would not matter too much if you played along. Wrong! There's something about wearing a dirndl that makes you feel like you are part of something.

The dirndl is a funny thing, fitted to give you the best kind of hourglass figure, with just enough cleavage at the top of a ribbon laced corset.

The apron is another humorous component of the outfit. Depending on your relationship status, you tie your apron with a bow at different points around your waist.
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A dirndl generally consists of a wide skirt that is usually attached to the bodice and a separate low-cut blouse and apron. The blouse usually has puffy sleeves. They are common in some parts of Germany especially Bavaria and in Austria. If you are planning to attend Oktober fest, a dirndl is your go-to outfit.

Dirndl Styles

There are traditional dirndls that are plain and simple looking and modern ones which are more elaborate. There is a variety to choose from ranging from ankle length, below the knee and mini dirndls. They can be checkered, plain, have flowers or embroidery.

A dirndl tends to show a bit of cleavage and must be snug on the bodice. You therefore have to wear the right bra. A push-up bra would accentuate your boobs making you look gorgeous in your dirndl.

Tying the bow

When it comes to tying the bow of your apron strings, there are a few basic rules. If you are married or engaged, the bow should be tied on your right. If you are single, tie the bow on your left. A widow ties the bow at the back in the middle. If you tie it in the front at the middle, it means you are a virgin (nobody ties it there) well of course unless you are a child.


Since your chest area will be mostly bare, you need to distract people from staring at your boobs. You’ve got to wear a heart necklace or a chocker.

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