How to Wear a Midi Skirt?

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How can I wear a midi skirt?

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It is important to consider all other elements of an outfit when wearing a midi skirt.

The look is a great one but often causes anxiety to many who fear it will make them look old fashioned. However, midi skirts are very much in right now and look very hip when styled properly.

The midi skirt highlights the foot and ankle area by hiding most of the rest of the leg. This being said, one of the easiest ways to stylize a midi skirt is by wearing a shoe that captures attention. Heels as well as fashionable booties look great with midis.

In regards to tops, the midi looks great with a simple button down tucked in top. Any blouse that matches well with the color of your midi skirt and looks good tucked in will work.

It is good to accentuate your waist line in a midi skirt to avoid looking drowned out by the entire outfit. Tucking the shirt in creates a finished and defined look.
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Emphasise Your Waist

Midi skirts that flare out at the bottom are flattering because they make your waist seem smaller by comparison. So the key to wearing a midi skirt is to draw attention to your waist.

You can do this by tucking in a fitted cotton top or a shirt. You can emphasise your waist even more by adding a belt.

If you need a warmer layer, you could add an open black leather jacket. You could also wear your midi skirt with a knit, but go for a thinner material knit that finishes at your waist rather than an oversized long chunky knit.
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You can look good in an office with a classic midi skirt. The midi skirt and top are a classic office look for many women in the workplace. In such formal settings, the midi skirts rocks if you get the right outfit.

A classic button blouse is an item you can match with the midi skirt but to spruce it up, pumps are recommended. In any formal setting, however, you must mind the midi skirt length while trying to keep your dressing professional.

Away from the office, the midi skirt crop top and heels are ideal for a fun night out like when you are having a lovely time out with the girls.

As it can be cold sometimes, rocking a midi skirt and sweater will ensure you are warm throughout the night.

The midi skirt trend lately is the midi skirt and a crop top set where many stylists prefer to wear the sleeve tops or print tops. This look also can be complemented with the heels.

Midi skirts and boots are a great combination especially if you can get your hands on denim midi skirts. Boots and denim midi skirts are exciting although some people like to go for midi skirts with buttons to spice up their looks.

You can rock midi skirts however you want them with t-shirts, crop tops, or blouses. Also, the midi skirt look can act as a perfect beach cover on top of your bathing suit as long as you find a decent top that matches the midi skirt.
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Balance it

This is very important when it comes to this type of skirt. Remember that the skirt will fit tightly around your waist and get loose around your hips and legs. This something you also need to keep in mind before wearing this skirt.

For the best outlook with midi skirts, you need to ensure that your outfit will make your natural shape visible. Ensure that you show off your shape with a tight crop top. If this is not possible, wear a top that is tucked into the skirt.

For your shoes, you need flats to ensure that you walk comfortably.

Add accessories

Without cute accessories, your midi skirt outlook won’t be lovely. There are many accessories which can go well with these skirts. A good example is statement jewellery such as bangles or necklaces that go well with the colour of your skin. Never settle for very shiny accessories.

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