How To Wear a Red Blazer?

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How to wear a red blazer?

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You can wear a red blazer with black top and bottom clothes; the contrast looks awesome and wearing the same color under the blazer will give you a slim appearance.

Another option is to wear white for the upper part of your body, and black for the lower part; this will give you a more classy look that you can sport even for office.

Or you can mix these suggestions and choose either a white or black top garment along with red pants; this option looks really nice.

These are the combinations that I usually go for when I use a red blazer, but you can try other colors, such as grey; you can pick a lighter shade for the top and combine it with dark grey pants.

Some people use light blue jeans along with their red blazers, but I don't like it. If you prefer this option, you could try this as well, of course.
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There are various ways in which you can wear your red blazers and look dashing. There are so many outfits that can be paired with red blazers.

The colour red itself is very bright and that is why you can use it to complement your look. It has the ability of making your entire outfit fresh and elegant whether you wear it with a skirt, tailored pants or even jeans. Here are a few tips on how you can wear your red blazer and look hot.

Leopard print-you can wear a light red blazer with a leopard print blouse, paired with blue jeans and white ankle strap heel sandals.

You can wear a rich red blazer with a blouse tucked in classy skinny jeans, add a snakeskin print handbag, and studded pumps.

White skinny pants-a light red blazer will be perfect worn with white skinny pants. So as to make this look even classier you can add a Panama hat, a red handbag and white sneakers.

Another way to look good in a red blazer is by wearing it with tailored pants, a sexy bra top, and rounded sunglasses.

Go casual by wearing a combo of your favourite red blazer, blue jeans, and a white blouse. You can add a leopard print scarf to complete the outfit. For footwear, you can wear ankle boots.

For skirt lovers, you can choose a tight white skirt and a floral blouse. On top of the tucked blouse wear your blazer and you can complete the look with black boots.
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A blazer especially the red one, always look attractive and cute when worn. But choosing how to pair it is challenging. Here are some guides of how you should wear your red blazer and look hot.

Pair your red favourite blazer with your skinny jeans especially bluish in colour gives the perfect blend and makes you look nice. Add your white favourite blouse to the outfit and allow your look to define you. The combination looks cute and prettier.

You can as well finish your wear by adding accessories like a red handbag to style your look.

You can as well pair your red blazer with red trouser for monochrome look. Here you can as well pair it a rounded sunglasses red in colour. This will make prettier and noticeable.

You can as well pair your red blazer with a light bluish skinny jeans to blend well. Add your favourite white coloured blouse and a red printed scarf to style your look.

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