How to Wear Cardigans?

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How can I wear cardigans? How to combine a cardigan?

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A cardigan is a really versatile article of clothing. Depending on the style of your cardigan, you can use it to create a smart look for work, or a casual but chic style for hitting the shops. Here are some super stylish ways to wear cardigans:

Oversized cardigans contrasted with slim pencil skirts

If you're after a trendy, current look for the workplace, try wearing an oversized cardigan over a slim, dressy pencil skirt. Everyone will be admiring your style!

Layer over a statement T-shirt and jeans

This is a classic, casual daytime look. Wear your cardigan over a statement T-shirt - another hot trend - and straight-legged jeans. You can play around with colours to get the best look.

Wear a belt over a thin, long cardigan

Another way to shake up your wardrobe is by cinching in your longer, lightweight cardis with a thin belt. This looks great over midi skirts and slimline trousers and is versatile enough to wear to work or out for a coffee with a friend.

Out with the blouse, in with the cardigan

Why not try tucking your cardigan into your trousers à la Alexa Chung? You'll soon find that cardigans will become your new wardrobe go-to, instead of blouses.

Go for a long, mid-calf length cardi over casual jeans

You'll feel so comfortable in this look. Wear long, calf length cardigans over casual, light-wash jeans. A great way to wrap up on chilly winter days!

So there you have loads of ideas to shake up your wardrobe and create some new styles with your cardigans!
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Get the most out of your Cardigan!

Cardigans are the best versatile piece you can own in your wardrobe. You can use one year round regardless of what season it is.

For the spring and summer nights, it can be the perfect outer wear over a dress or tank top. In the fall and winter months, it can be the perfect extra layering piece to keep you warmer under your coat.

A cardigan sweater can take you from formal and fabulous to calm and comfortable depending on the clothing piece you decide to pair it with such as slacks for business or jeans for the more fun and casual look.

This is the most functional fashion piece I own because the uses to it are just endless. I find myself keeping an extra cardigan handy at the office for those kind of days that start out warm but then suddenly the cold creeps up unexpectedly.
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Chunky Knit or Nana style?!

Cardigans can be pretty divisive, personally I love them.

Pick your occasion for wearing them though! Around home, very casual occasions, when you're with family, or if you just want some hygge.

Once you've decided your comfortable wearing a cardigan then you need to settle on a style. For maximum hygge go for an oversize cardigan, chunky knit that beckons you to snuggle up inside it, perfect for days at home on the couch watching trashy TV.

On the other hand you can pull off a sophisticated look with a cardigan, choose a premium material like Merino or Cashmere, or a blend and aim for something with a tight weave similar to Ralph Lauren Pima cotton knitwear.
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Cardigan sweaters are among the standard articles of clothing that every woman should own. Their beauty lies in the fact that there are so many ways that they can be put on, exposing your sense of style in every way. They are also very warm outfits, perfect for late fall and winter months.

Here are a few ways to wear cardigans:

You want to wear a buttoned cardigan over an untucked shirt and skinny jeans. This is a perfect, modern, neat and classy look. This is also one of the simplest looks that you can rock.

Alternatively, you can wear a belt over it to accentuate your body shape. Doing this is easy and quick, just make sure to place the belt over your true waist which is the thinnest part. A skirt will go perfectly well with this.

You could also add a bit of drama to your dressing by rocking an oversized cardigan. This style does well for tall women, with a hint of bold jewellery or a brightly coloured purse.

You could go freestyle with a buttoned cardigan and nothing underneath it. Find that sexy and relaxed look with a camisole underneath your cardigan with a little lace peeking out of it for a sweet girly look.

Make it ladylike with a sweet shade of pink for the cardigan and its matching outfit, or put a school uniform taste to it paired with a white shirt and a tie. You can also make it boyish with khakis on top. Cardigans are an awesome way to dress up anything, including maternity dresses since they are stretchy and lightweight.

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