How to Wear Dark Lipstick?

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How to wear dark lipstick?

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

One of the rising stars of anyone's cosmetics kit is undoubtedly darker lipstick. Worn by stars of music, movies and social media, it can have a dramatic effect, if colours are chosen carefully to complement a girl's hair and skin colour.

If this is a new departure for you, make sure to experiment in-store with different shades, or try one of the many online virtual apps that allow you to see how your lips would look in different shades. There are three things to consider – your skin colour, eye colour and your hair colour.

Of course, you will already have a preferred style and shade of eye make up, so ask yourself whether it is worth changing eye shadow and liner colours to fir with a bolder dark lipstick.

The main thing is to have all components working together, so changing to a dark lipstick means that other areas must fit with it perfectly.
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How to Rock Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick calls for drama. Your dark lipstick can range anywhere from intense red to deep plum to black.

You can make it the focus of your look by matching your clothing and accessories to your lipstick. For example, if your color is deep plum, it will stand out when paired with a jacket or dress in plum or burgundy. Accessories in similar colors will enhance the effect.

But remember, your most expressive feature is your eyes. You don’t want your eyes to be upstaged by your dramatic lips. Dark eyeliner and lashes with a touch of burgundy or plum eye shadow should balance the look. You might try a splash of similar color on your cheeks, but don’t overdo this.

The focus is on your lips and eyes. This plan will work with any lip color. Just make the other elements of your look match or compliment your dark lipstick.
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The grand finale of all makeup occurs once you apply the final touches to your face - specifically the lipstick of course. There is literally an endless supply of lovely, spunky, and standout-ish colours to choose from, and several different brands to try out, but I must say that the trend nowadays is geared towards dark lipstick as the signature look.

We see it worn all the time by our favourite celebs throughout social media outlets, such as Instagram, but let’s face the fact that some of us may be a bit scared to pull off the look, since in all honesty dark lipstick is so vibrantly bold, but don’t worry.

The best way to start applying dark colours to your lips is to wear neutral toned makeup first. Also whether you are going for a navy blue “Echo” Kat Von D, or even if opting for a dark purple colour, such as “Malevolent” by LASplash, what you should do first and foremost is scrub your lips. It is absolutely necessary to use a lip scrub before application, especially if you plan on wearing a matte colour.

A simple homemade sugar lip scrub will do just fine, because it ensures a smooth foundation without the rough edges—pun intended. Next, apply a lip liner that closely matches the lip colour you choose to wear, and please do not get too excited by overlining your lips beyond oblivion. Finally, you are ready to wear the lipstick of your choice!
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Dark lipstick is best used as an autumn or winter look. Dark purples, blacks, and blues look good with heavier eye looks including eyeliner and smokey eye shadow. Not surprising, darker lipsticks will look better when a person is wearing darker clothes because it matches and creates a strong, bold and confident look.

Sometimes a more gothic or punk style can be associated with darker lipsticks, they can help a person be expressive.

On a daily basis, dark reds and purples can be used even in some workplaces. It is best to use a lip liner to increase the chances of the lipstick lasting longer and the color staying intense. Darker lipsticks also define the outline of your lips much greater than lighter colors so it is important to not go out of the outline of the lips and to create a neat equal coverage.

Mistakes can be easier to see and with everyday wear, through drinking and eating etc, it is easier to see patches. I would, therefore, advise that you keep the lipstick on you so you can top it up throughout the day.

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