How to Wear Dr Martens?

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How can I wear my Dr Martens, any tips on how to combine Dr Martens?

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Dr Martens are a very versatile fashion accessory and you can pair them with many different things. If you're just looking to be stylish in general, try black skinny jeans with your Dr Martens as well as a cropped jacket to highlight your legs.

If you're looking for a more rough around the edges look that's a little more grungey consider distressed denim with your Dr Martens which will definitely give you a more edgey style.

Dr Martens can even find a place in your work life as long as your job isn't too formal. Pair the famous boots with black tights and a pencil skirt for a unique workwear look. Or, if you want to be a little bit more conservative, you can try the Dr Martens loafers which will go excellently with black trousers, just avoid the socks or at least the sight of them.

If you're running errands on a casual day, coloured Dr Martens will complement a denim look with a cropped jumper but can also be worn with black tights and even leggings. Leggings will allow you to wear the taller Dr Martens boots that go up the leg.

Dr Martens can also be used in an adrogynous look if you don't want to be too feminine. Pair with a pair of dungarees, a winter coat or a leather jacket.
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Getting the best looks out of your Dr Martens

There are so many ways to wear Dr Martens to complement your attire. Tight ski pants, puffa jacket and DMs are a must for that girl power look. And who doesn't just go crazy for that black leather biker jacket, mini skirt and Dr Martens look that exudes Tank Girl toughness so stylishly?

And why stop at a mini skirt when Dr Martens bring out the best of any pair of shorts, baggy or figure-hugging? One of the good things about DMs is that whether casual or formal, they match and complement almost everything.

Got a meeting or an interview and nothing but those tattered pumps or the Dr Martens to choose from? - Don't doubt it one second, as smart and polished as any shoe, Dr Martens give an air of professionalism and readiness for anything life may throw at you.

If you go hiking, Dr Martens are available in so many colours that there is most likely a pair to match your corduroy trousers and other mountaineering apparel.

And for those Sunday walks in the park, or just about anywhere, there's nothing more comfortable than a pair of dungarees and your favourite Dr Martens.
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Dr Martens Looks Are Worth It

Dr Martens calls itself the home of rebellious self-expression. Since first making boots in the 1960s with an appeal to the working class, the British company has engendered celebrity fans who express their individuality with the now-classic footwear.

The Dr Martens line now includes boots, shoes, and sandals, ranging from street fashion to high fashion. Dr Martens signature elements include substantial treads, eyelets and buckle details, and a solid no-nonsense construction.

Your individuality can shine with a variety of looks.

For an attention-getting statement, choose high boots with eyelets and buckles paired with leather pants or leggings tucked in, shorts, or a form-fitting mini-dress.

For a more relaxed look, pair a calf-high boot with a long dress or cuffed jeans brushing the edge of your boot-tops, or sporty clothes with a metallic oxford. For work in a casual office, the low-profile oxfords from Dr Martens complement a casual blazer or sweater with dress pants or skirts, tights.
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I have four pairs of Doc Martens, but I learned quickly that I had to break-in my Docs for them to fit really well.

Doc Martens are made from tough, rigid leather. How you break them in depends heavily on the model. The classic 1460 is relatively stiff, so the break-in period is longer. Other models (Black Grizzly, Black Greasy, Commando) leather wear more comfortably for the best fit.

Here are tips to help you soften up your Docs.

1. Wear a pair of thick socks. It helps to protect your skin and to stretch the leather. An extra pair of socks would come in handy for emergencies

2. The longer you wear them, the better. A warning. This will hurt the back of your heels and ankles. No pain, no gain! But don’t overdo it or you could hurt you feet.

3. A boot stretcher can make quick work of wearing in your boots

4. Another trick is to remove the inner soles for extra room. Also gently easing your feet into the boots while you're breaking them in.

5. For my last pair of boots I used a used a softening agent for quicker softening

It is easy to wear-in and to soften your new Docs. All that is needed is a bit of time and patience, but everyone goes through it.

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