How to Wear Handbags?

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How to wear handbags?

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Handbags – A Girl's Best Friend

Handbags come in all different shapes, colours and styles. You should choose your handbag dependent on your outfit, and always try and match, or compliment your shoes.

If you're wearing brown shoes then a black handbag is a no no, brown, or any other colour is acceptable, but black and brown as a general rule is not. Likewise if you are wearing black shoes then brown handbags are not a good idea.

Clutch bags and small bags with a long shoulder strap are the go-to bag for an occasion, you can play around with bright colours and patterns and be as bold as you like.

Day time casual outfits look great with an oversized tote bag, which not only looks stylish, but is also practical for popping your shopping in, and carrying all of your make up,phone, keys and sunglasses. A cross body satchel is also a very stylish yet casual look, and again very practical.

Depending on your budget, an expensive handbag is a great investment piece, and can dress up a casual outfit for an added touch of glamour. Think of your handbag as the cherry on the cake, that little something that completes your outfit.
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When a Handbag is a Necessity

You have most likely found yourself in a situation that requires you to keep your handbag with you at all times. Maybe you are at a bar or a party, surrounded by people you just met. Keeping your handbag nearby seems to be the smartest decision.

Unfortunately you left no time to switch and ended up carrying your beast of a handbag that can literally hold all your possessions. You are in for a long night of tired arms and a sore back.

Next time, ensure that your bag can be worn crossbody and sits close to your body. A bag no bigger than a notebook that lays flat against your front or backside can compliment any outfit while giving you peace of mind.
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Learning to wear a handbag is essential for making beautiful outfits. It combines your handbag with the essentials of a cool girl wardrobe, such as a blazer and A-line mini skirt, and getting creative with how you can carry a handbag. Read on to learn how to wear a handbag.

The Backpack handbag

We are all very satisfied with the atmosphere of the 90s the backpack gives, and its “mini” size allows it to remain fluid and elegant. You can wear it with a pretty top and jeans, or a skirt and a cute top, or with jeans and sneakers.


This mini belt bag is one of the coolest and least tried things seen in a while. Wear bright colours with leather on leather, or you can refresh and settle in a simple black dress. This is what you need if you want something to make your outfit look cool.


You can cross it through the body or on one shoulder. It is a favourite street style. It is suitable for those who work from 9 to 5. Wearing them with a blazer dress will look more extra.
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Handbags are the ideal accessory for a lot of women, espeically when you don't own a backpack or want to look feminine. How do you wear them without looking awkward? Here's my top tips:

1. On the crook of your elbow: To access a handbag easily, the crook of your arm is the best spot. This is much easier than carrying it on your forearm, where your handbag can cause pressure and even slow down your circulation.

2. On your shoulder: If your handbag is too heavy to wear on your arm, then try wearing it on your shoulder. Your shoulder can handle the extra strain a lot better than your arm.

3. Over your shoulders: If you bag has a large strap, then feel free to string your handbag over your shoulders. This is the most practical way to carry a handbag whilst still looking fashionable, feminine and trendy.

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