How to Wear High Waisted Jeans?

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How to wear high waisted jeans?

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You should show off your high waisted jeans, not cover them up.

You can wear a crop top with them, or tuck a shirt into your jeans, so the waist is seen. Try to stick to close fitting or straight lined tops as flowy, curvy tops can be overkill with high waisted jeans.

You can wear a long jacket or blazer with the jeans, as the length balances out the height.

Flared high waisted jeans are very flattering and make your legs look longer. A plain white t-shirt with a black leather blazer will give you style and the look can be worn day and night. Pair the jeans with a turtleneck sweater for a classic look, and a tailored blazer for a touch of class.

You can add a wide belt to accentuate your waist and if your jeans are black or a dark wash, try out different colored belts too.

When worn correctly, high waisted jeans can be very flattering.
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Outfits For High Waisted Jeans

If you want a very shapely, feminine look, high waisted jeans are a great addition to your wardrobe.

You can choose high waisted jeans in any shade of denim, and wear them with a smart shirt tucked in at the waist. Add a belt in the same fabric as your shoes. A wrapover or short turtleneck top will also show off the high waisted jeans. Similarly, a turtleneck bodysuit can be worn under the jeans.

A short camisole top looks good either loose and just resting over the top of the jeans, or tucked in at the waist with a belt.

A traditional blazer is the most appropriate jacket, as it's more shapely and so complements the shapely design of the jeans.
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High waisted jeans come in all shapes and sizes and depending on what shape your body is will depend on what will look best. If you're petite, opt for skinny high waisted jeans as they will lengthen the leg. Flared ones will make your frame disappear.

If you have a larger bottom half than top half, then try jeans that have some elasticity in the waist. You can roll up the bottoms of these jeans to give you a relaxed look.

If you do not have too many curves then opt for high waisted jeans that are flared at the bottom to add dimension.

If it turns out that the jeans are too long for you, you can hem them in order to get them to fit properly. Flared high waisted jeans can be hemmed just above the toes. If you've got skinny jeans, however, hem them at the ankles.

High waisted jeans can be worn during the day and at night, if you want them to be versatile, you should go for a dark colour as in navy or even black as it will match with everything.

If you want some high waisted jeans for summer, opt for a lighter colour that can go with your summer and spring wardrobe.
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If you're going to wear high waisted jeans, then you'll want to show off the high waist by wearing your top tucked in. Avoid wearing a top that is too frilly or flouncy – the riffles and extra fabric will compete with the jeans and make your whole look too bulky.

If you're wearing high waisted skinnies, you'll look great in a crop top – you could even break the no frills rule as the shortness of the top provides a natural break with the jeans.

If you're going to wear a jacket with your high waisted jeans, choose a longer length, worn open so the high waist can be seen. Avoid short boxy jackets as they'll just make your waist look wider.

Skinny high waist jeans look good with flats, whereas more flared styles look better with heels. Remember to keep your accessories refined and minimal, especially belts, to keep the line of your jeans sleek.

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