How to Wear Knee High Boots With Dresses?

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How to wear knee high boots with dresses?

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Matching Boots with Dresses

Knee high boots can be very versatile and can easily be worn with dresses with a little thought given to colour, style and texture.

For dresses in bold patterns or vibrant colours, wear black, brown or beige knee high boots to provide a contrast and to balance the outfit. For dresses in one block colour, you can either wear boots in black, brown or beige or choose a colour that is the same as the dress.

For example, a red dress will look good with matching red boots. Wear tights with your boots, to be extra warm in winter. If you're wearing a shorter length dress in a plain colour, you can wear either plain or patterned tights with your boots, as this will add just the right amount of interest.

For example, wear a short blue dress with knee high blue boots and floral textured tights.

You can match your dress with either high heeled knee high boots for a glamorous look or choose a low heel for everyday wear. Choose a handbag in a material that matches your boots and complements your dress.
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Knee high boots and dresses

With long boots that go up to your knees, you could either wear a long dress that covers the tops of the boots, that would be a smart, more dressy look, this is great for an evening look or smarter daywear.

A long dress with over the knee boots can also add extra warmth in cold weather as there is no gap between boot and skirt hem.

For a fun, casual look go for a shorter above the knee skirt, higher if you dare! This is a good look for daytime especially if the weather is milder, you could wear this for work, leisure or a casual lunch date with your friends.
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Many women do not think that boots should not be worn with formal dresses. They are not suited for going to the office in or to events, but to the contrary, boots look wonderful when paired with dresses.

Not only do they keep you warm during cold weather, but they could also give you the oomph that set you apart from the rest whether on a night out with friends or for an important meeting in the office.

The most important thing is knowing how to pair your dress with the appropriate boot to fit the event. Here are some tips to consider when deciding which boot to pair with what dress.

Spice it up: If you are going for a fun look in the office, if your company is flexible and they allow you to dress down every day or on Fridays then you could spice up you plain skirt or dress with a pair of printed boots. Wearing printed boots add a little flair to your look so that you stand out even though your dress is simple. You could wear bold colours like gold or silver and get everybody in the office talking about your fun stylish look.

Show those legs When dressing for the office, you want to look presentable and official. That does not mean that you should look too uptight. Wearing a reasonably short dress with a pair of boots that is not too lengthy gives you a more relaxed look that lets people that even though you are professional, you still like to have some fun. Pair your mid-calf boots with a knee-length skirt or dress.

Simple, elegant look: Every woman has those days when she simply wants a classic look that doesn't draw too much attention to her. For those days you should pair your simple body-con or sweater dress with a pair of long plain coloured boots. The heel may vary you could wear flat boots, but for a more fun look, you could wear a kitten-heeled boot. So if you are looking for a professional, elegant look, then this is the way to go.

Wearing your boots with the appropriate dress could be the difference between the fashionable and plain boring woman.
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Firstly the style of the dress is important, you should not wear a maxi dress with knee-high boots because there would be no point, you would only see the bottom of the shoe.

To wear a pair of knee-high boots, it is best to wear a dress that has a skirt which finishes above the knee. This way the boots can be a feature of your outfit and the dress will not cover any part of the shoe. It is probably easier to achieve this with a dress that has a pencil skirt, so a bodycon dress would be perfect.

Other styles of dress that would fit nicely are knitted dresses and miniskirted dresses. The color of the dress does not really matter, but if your boots are particularly unique then choosing the color of a dress may be important.

Boots are usually black, grey or brown which will go with any style of dress but brown boots, for example, may go better with a yellow or green dress. The most crucial factor is choosing the correct length of the dress and if you get that right, then you will have no issues.

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