How to Wear Leather Leggings?

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How to Wear Leather Leggings?

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Outfits for Leather Leggings

If you wish to wear leather leggings, there are a number of tops that go well. Above all, choose faux leather leggings as these are more comfortable and environmentally friendly, then match with a long tunic top in either a bold print or a block colour.

A shorter camisole or wrapover top will go fine, so long as you have a longer cardigan on top such as a boyfriend or waterfall cardigan. A loose fitting casual jacket will go best, as leggings are very casual and informal.

Wear your leggings with small or high heeled shoes or with flat ballerina shoes. Do not add any other leather pieces to your outfit, just complement the leggings with softer, contrasting fabrics.
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When choosing a pair of leather leggings it's important to remember some basic principles.

Firstly, make sure the size is right. Leggings, especially the leather variety, need to be a tight fit and not too loose. Be sure you know your sizing, and if you find yourself between sizes generally opt for the bigger of the two.

Secondly, don't forget that leather leggings are about providing you a stylish, elegant look. Don't wear sports or leisure wear with leather. Instead look to complement your look with an oversized shirt, long top or denim jacket.

Pastel colours can work well with leather, shades of pink can soften the look, giving off a real feminine vibe. Unless you want to look like Catwoman, steer well clear of a leather jacket!

Footwear is your next consideration. Black ankle boots with a chunky heel work well, and can elongate the leg adding to the sophistication of this look. Pointed pumps can give an elegant look if even if your top half is more casual. Trainers can work – especially lace-up skate shoes like Vans – if it's a cool, urban look you are going for.
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When you wear leather leggings, you need to take care to wear the right top. Most women feel more comfortable wearing a longer top that cover the waist and to crotch area.

You're probably best avoiding crop tops or shirts / t-shirts that need to be tucked in as they will just look too bulky and lumpy. Tight leather leggings can look great with a fluffy sweater, or you could wear a tight white t-shirt teamed with a long cardigan worn open.

A bright neon sweater looks good when teamed with a pair of chunky sneakers. To make your legs look super long, wear black leather leggings with black ankle boots, making sure you don't reveal any skin.

If you want to wear a leather jacket with your leather leggings, just make sure you separate it with a longer shirt or top. Ideally, the jacket should be a different colour to the leggings.
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Hey, first of all, I think your denim jacket would look great with your leggings!

With leather leggings, it's really all about contrasting! Leather leggings are quite tight of course, and like you said yours are shiny; so it's quite a bold look.

So you want to avoid wearing tight or striking clothes with your leggings. A good rule of thumb with fashion items is to combine tight clothes with wider clothes, shiny fabric with matte fabric, etc. For example if your leggings are black, you can wear a pastel pink sweater on top; it's a great offset to the tough look of your leather leggings.

And it's the same thing with denim, you have two different colours and two different fabrics that balance each other out.

You can always pair high heels with a white sweater or a long button down for a casual-chique look, or you can wear sneakers and offset them with a blazer to make it slightly more formal.

I hope my advice helps you out, and good luck!

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