Spring Outfit Ideas?

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What spring outfit ideas do you have, what tips can you give me for some nice spring outfits?

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Spring into fashion

The ideal way to shake a long winter off, is to embrace the first signs of spring with some new additions to your wardrobe. Brighten up your spring days with classic, cheery florals, wicker bags and baskets.

Think cotton dresses or skirts in cheerful colours, straw hats and accessories, like bags and belts, and versatile knee-length pants (suitable for both casual and formal occasions) and you have all you will need for an enjoyable spring and also summer.
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Neutrals and Prints for Spring

In spring you can start showing more skin. You can finally wear dresses and skirts without tights! Neutral colours such as beige and tan are great because they are not as harsh as black but they are still easy to coordinate with other items in your wardrobe. Neutrals look particularly classy when worn from head to toe. If you are not sure how to pull this off have a look at how Meghan Markle does it. Prints are also great for spring. Floral prints might seem a bit obvious, but never really go out of fashion.

You could also try an animal print. If you want something other than leopard print, you could try something a bit different, such as zebra print. And polkadots seem to suit spring because of their playfulness.
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You could take inspiration from spring flowers. Animal motifs are still with us too, with several fashion houses featuring leopard prints, and it wouldn't be too much to mix different patterns, or to contrast with floral designs using anemones.

If you're inspired by the 1980s revival, go for a bright clash - think of early crocuses – and decorate with bows and metallic embellishments. And don't forget to broaden your shoulders! Neons are back, too, on materials such as satin, and a solid fabric like denim provides just the right balance.

If all that's too much for you, search out more subtle shades in your wardrobe, starting with beige, grey and off-white. Throw a snowdrop-white coat over a beige dress, or top oatmeal with olive. Khaki, blush, sage and oatmeal can all be included in this particular mix, to which you can give more depth by adding brown.

For accessories, hunt out your oversized hats, acquire some flat footwear with individual styling, and go for cheerful waterproofs in shades of tulip pink, daffodil yellow and fruity orange. Add fringing or sequins to outfits for that individual touch.

Cycling shorts are having another moment, but widen your search, because looser versions are to the fore now, with culottes and bermudas joining the club. Tye-dye and acid wash are other revivals, on items from t-shirts to kaftans to boiler suits, and that will ease you into summer nicely.
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There are plenty of ideas for spring outfits but depending on what you have in your wardrobe will depend on what you put on.

An idea for a spring outfit that is relaxed and breezy is a baggy striped tee that is knotted at the front to make it a little cropped. Wear these with denim shorts and a pair of white sneakers. In order to carry off the casual look, let your hair down and put on a pair of hoop earrings.

If it's a colder spring day, try some black distressed jeans with a cropped light denim jacket and a v neck white top. Throw on some black sunglasses and a black handbag and you're good to go.

A final look is trying a grey structured blazer with an all black outfit and a pair of black sneakers to give off a smart casual look for spring.

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