What Boots to Wear?

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What boots should I wear?

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Don't make the mistake of thinking that boots are only for cold or wet weather. There are so many styles of boots in the shops nowadays that you can almost wear them year round.

Long boots are a must when the temperature dips, pair them with thick tights and a knee length skirt for a strong feminine look. Alternatively, wear them over skinny jeans fora classic look.

Ankle boots paired with tights are great with dresses, meaning you can wear your dresses all year round.

Chelsea boots are a classic ankle boot that never go out of fashion, and can be teamed with skirts, dresses and jeans. They are a great wardrobe staple as they never go out of fashion.

When the temperature plunges below freezing, Ugg boots are the classic warm winter staple, and are guaranteed to keep your toes cosy and warm.

Spring and Summer are also a great time to wear boots. Ankle boots again come into their own here. When the temperature really rises, long skirts or cropped trousers can be paired with either an ankle boot with bare legs, or open toe heeled boots for a quirky take on the look.
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Boots come in a variety of styles and heights, but it is sometimes difficult to choose the boot that best suits your outfit. Choose suitable boots for an occasion, that are compatible with your clothing and casual wear, and flatters your body.

Match your boot to the occasion.

Choose boots based on the activities you will perform. To hang out in the city, attend sports competitions or take part in other leisure activities, choose knee-high boots, do not wear high heels. In the evening, choose a pair of stylish high heels for parties and the outdoors.

Wear suitable boots depending on the weather.

Invest in weatherproof boots to avoid damaging boots that are not suitable for rain or snow. Please prepare high quality rubber boots for rain. During the cold season, try Ugg or Mouton boots, Moccasin boots. Because of snow, use moon boots to stay warm.

For a dress or skirt have heel boots on.

Be sure to look stunning by wearing a dress or skirt and more perfect heel boots. If your dress is better or fitting, it may come a few inches above your boots.

Follow fashion trends.

When changing, pay attention to the latest trends in boots. Always try to look stylish but not to compromise your comfort.

Have your boots as a finishing touch to your outfit.

You can wear any outfit with neutral boots. A good rule for men and women is that if you wear it, the colour of your boots should match that of the belt.
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Boots are a fashion statement, and if they are done correctly, they bring a complimentary presentation to the outfit. The choice of which boots to wear depends on the following:


Boots are ideal for cold weather, both as a fashion statement and for the warmth.

Colour of your outfit

If you choose to wear boots, let it match with the colour of your bag/purse or your top. If not, consider wearing black or grey boots as they go with any colour.

Mode of dressing

If you are wearing a dress or a skirt, high boots will work out fine, but if you want to wear pants, knee-length boots are ideal.

Body posture

Tall ladies look more presentable in low heeled boots, compared to short ladies. Also, high boots look good on short ladies in comparison to tall ladies.
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Boot coverage is attention-getting

Boots have always made a fashion statement with their most classic looks – cowboy boots, snakeskin, and worker boots have solid identities.

They're also the most protective option for your feet, but they've gone far beyond practicality in the fashion world. Because of their additional material, boots immediately draw attention to your legs and feet.

Sleek, leg-hugging boots from knee-high to thigh-high look fantastic with dresses that meet your boot-tops or slit to expose legs and boots as you walk by.

Calf-high and knee-high boots with your pants tucked in or cuffed above are classic looks. Check out ankle boots as a popular substitute for shoes with dresses and office wear.

The varieties of styles, colors, heels, fasteners, and materials provide as many options in boots as you could find with your most fashionable shoes.

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