What Colour Accessories to Wear With a Grey Dress?

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What colour accessories to wear with a grey dress?

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The grey dress is an extremely versatile item to have in your wardrobe. You can make a real statement with this piece whether you are hitting the town for drinks with friends, going out on a date or even for a job interview.

Put a bit of thought into the colour of your accessories and it can be suitable for any scenario.

To make a bold statement, think about trying red. A fiery red bag and shoes are sure to turn heads on a night out. For a softer more feminine look, pink works very well. Pink and grey is a colour combination that works all year round.

Another striking colour combo is teal or forest green. I think this offers an edgier look and is more suitable for casual occasions.

I've saved the best till last. Yellow is my favourite and looks amazing. It's a little bit different and can add a sophisticated look to an otherwise casual dress. Think less is more with this one. A grey dress and shoes complemented by a radiant yellow handbag is all you need for a knockout look.
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Grey is an understated, neutral shade and can be overlooked as people think of it as being dull and unfashionable. However, this is a shame as grey goes so very well with other colours – here are some ideas for colour schemes for your accessories to be used with a grey outfit.

Monochrome is a wonderful effect. Achieve this by teaming your grey outfit with black and white accessories. For example, a grey dress would look wonderful with black shoes and necklace paired with a white belt and hat.

Splurge on colour, investing in your love of bright cheerful colours as you can rely on the grey to tone down the exuberance. This will make your, for example, scarlet neck-scarf pop especially if it matches your shoes – but the whole outfit will look sophisticated and elegant thanks to the muted grey of the garments.

All your accessories can be chosen to work well with your grey outfit: from jewellery to belts and braces to shoes and hats. All that is needed is your imagination.
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Accessories for a grey dress

The main thing to bear in mind when choosing a colour for your accessories when you wear a grey dress is your skin tone. The reason behind this is that grey is a neutral colour, so it matches any colour jewelry or accessories that you may choose.

For this reason, the decision relies on which kind of colours best matches you, not the grey dress.

If you have a warm skin, choose golden jewelry and warm colours for your accessories, since they will suit you best. If you have a cold skin tone, you will look awesome with cold coloured accessories and silver jewelry. If you are one of the lucky few with a neutral skin tone, you can combine the grey dress with any colour of your choice, and rose gold jewelry will be a beautiful option as well.

Another nice choice would be picking neutral colours such as grey, black or white to wear with a grey dress.

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