What Combination With a Casual Red Dress?

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What combination to wear with a casual red dress?

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Contrasting colour statements

A red dress can be almost as useful as a little black dress, as there’s almost no-one who can’t wear red – it suits virtually every skin tone, and makes a statement.

As we’re comparing it with black, that’s where to start, with an equally bold and starkly contrasting colour. As the style is casual, team your dress with black tights or leggings, and black boots, long or ankle-length.

At the other extreme, for summer wear combine a red mini dress with white leggings or cropped white jeans and white sandals or trainers, with a white blazer and rolled up sleeves. Of course your trusty denim jeans will also go well as a layer under your dress.

Another good colour combo is camel or tan, so think about tossing your tan leather biker jacket over the top.

Pashminas are good for creating a casual look and one in a camel colourway would be ideal. Similarly, the camel/tan/gold contrast invites lots of gold jewellery – chains, bangles and big earrings.

If you’re really good with colours you can try a clashing effect with yellows and oranges, and here anything goes but be sure you know what you’re doing!
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Black is a safe choice when you are looking to keep your ensemble elegant. Pair the dress with flat black pumps for that reserved look or heels if you want to make a statement.

A nice pair of black boots will do a great job of highlighting the best features of the outfit. Choose the boots depending on the style of the dress.

A black belt, scarf or jacket will complement your red dress perfectly. You can also try different shades of brown or white.


A white, blue or black pair of jeans comes in handy when you are trying to stay warm. Leggings are ideal for chilly evenings. Put on a brown or white camel coat to fight harsh winter weather. A polo neck under your dress works as well for cold nights.

Try a neutral-coloured leather jacket and a woollen scarf for the ultimate casual look.

Another way to go would be a sweater and a pair of trainers for a relaxed but chic style.


The bold nature of a red dress demands that you are subtle with the accessories. Luckily, the colour blends nicely with all types of materials from diamonds to fabrics.

A silver bracelet or anklet is perfect for a fancy dinner date. Throw on sunglasses and a wristwatch for a day of fun. Wear a simple personalised necklace and a cocktail ring for that friend's party. Stay away from large jewellery pieces because they can overwhelm your look.

Don't be afraid of coloured gems, though. A sapphire on a pendant, a ruby ring or diamond earrings will add that touch of class.
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Red dresses are great for those who want to catch people's eyes and look sexy. But what should you wear alongside it? Not to worry, here are my top tips to help you decide:

1. A Black Clutch Bag: Wondering what bag to wear to carry all your stuff? The neutral shade of black will help make your dress look even more appealing.

2. High heels: High heels go with nearly everything, but black heels with a red dress will make you feel even sexier. If you're worried that heels will make you look too formal, then opt for some converse for an even more casual look.

3. A Blazer or Cardigan: If you want to look well put together and elegant, then a neutral-coloured blazer or cardigan will work brilliantly with a casual red dress. Again, if you're worried it won't go with a casual dress, then a black leather jacket is a great alternative.

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