What Goes with a Leather Skirt?

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I need tips on how to put outfits together, with a leather skirt .. what to combine with a leather skirt?

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The leather skirt is definitely back in style this year and you can find the way to include it in your fashion repertoire. What you wear with it will depend on the style of skirt you have.

If your skirt is a cute tight mini then the top you choose should also accentuate your curves but there are many other styles available.

Other short leather skirts this season could be A-line or even flared. These would look great with your favourite button front shirt of any colour or design as the wider hemline will balance your look.

Those outfits are all great fun, but you want to look stylish?

Longer hemlines are also out there and they look great with something silky or even with a nice sweater and, of course, some fabulous heels.

Finally don't forget to include your short leather skirt in your layered winter's day outfit with leggings boots and a chunky knit ..
before 28 Weeks
If you just want to look comfortable, you can wear it with a loose top. However, for the best look, you need to wear a pencil skirt and not an oversize one.

If you choose to wear a dark leather skirt, you can wear a top of any colour. You can settle for both bright and light colours provided that the top fits you well.

For coloured skirts, ensure that the colour of your top and the shoes always match.

Also, a black leather skirt is best when combined with a white or a cream top. Always insist on these colours to appear more fashionable and attractive.

During occasions

If you love clubs, parties and evening dates, you need a leather skirt combined with a pleated black skirt. This will give you the perfect feminine look out there.

If you want to look girlish, there are still options for you which go very well with leather skirts. Settle for lovely colours such as pink, nice accessories and a handbag.

On the other side, you might want to have that tough appearance.

Still, leather skirts can achieve this if you combine it with a combat shoes and a tight top. The skirt needs to be dark in a bid to communicate that you are tough.

You might want to look sexy. Here, you need to wear a short leather skirt and a loose blouse. You can walk comfortably on the streets.

For official duties, you need to be conservative. Just wear a knee-length leather skirt with stockings and a modest top.
before 28 Weeks
A leather skirt is an investment piece, so you will want to make the best of this versatile item.

The longer, midi length is very current and it goes beautifully with ankle boots. Go for high-heeled ankle boots for a sophisticated look, or flat versions for an edgy style.

When it comes to the type of top to wear with a leather skirt, select one that matches your mood. If you are feeling sassy, add a slogan t-shirt or a vintage shirt tied at the waist.

For an elegant look, pair with a silky blouse that’s tucked in, and for an evening occasion, try a strappy top or a Bardot-fit tee.

Jumpers look great with a leather skirt, but make sure you don't swamp your body with too much knitwear. Wear a sweater that is cropped at the waist if it's a chunky-knit, and for finer wool, tuck it into the waistband.

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