What Jacket to Wear with a Jumpsuit?

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What jacket can I wear with a jumpsuit?

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Jumpsuit and Jacket Combinations

There are many different ways to wear your jumpsuit.

For a look that's fun and fashionable and suitable for everyday, match your jumpsuit with a stylish bomber jacket. You can choose a plain or patterned print, depending on the colour and fabric of your jumpsuit. For example, a plain jumpsuit would go well with a floral or animal print bomber jacket.

A long, flowing fountain style cardigan in a soft light fabric will also complement your jumpsuit and is again a perfect daytime look that is both feminine and casual.

In summer, a long sleeveless jacket over the top of your jumpsuit looks cool and relaxed and you have the option of wearing a belt to accentuate your waist.

For a bold, confident statement, wear your jumpsuit with a faux leather jacket.

For evening wear, try a loose fitting, sequined jacket on top or a smart, tailored blazer style jacket in any complementing colour.
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There are many jackets out there that you could wear with a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is quite a dressy outfit so stick to something that won’t make you look overdressed but still make your outfit beam.

Here are some tips ..

A Cropped Blazer

A cropped blazer is the perfect jacket you could wear with a jumpsuit. It is not too dressy but it makes your outfit look more put together and exceedingly stylish. Anything cropped will go well with a jumpsuit but a blazer is top of the list.

A Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is a very fashionable piece of clothing that never goes out of style. If your jumpsuit is too dressy, a bomber jacket will match perfectly to make the outfit look more casual. Depending on what style of bomber jacket you choose, the outfit will look amazing.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is an item of clothing that matches with pretty much everything. It is a very casual jacket that will make your outfit look good. No matter what occasion a denim jacket is the perfect solution.
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Jackets and Jumpsuits

Whether you are going to the office or out for a girls night on the town, the perfect jacket and jumpsuit combination can ease the transition from business serious to cocktail party savvy.

A stylish tailored blazer can not only add a professional element to your jumpsuit, but it can also add that extra oomph needed to spark the conversation with your friends about where you got your outfit from.

Adding a pop of color to your ensemble can make a world of difference. A black jumpsuit worn beneath a deep red blazer is a combination that screams fiery business woman by day and sexy trendy vixen by night.
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For a fashionable, laid back look go for a bomber jacket with the outfit. You should check on blending the colours though. Jungle green is more fitting with most outfits. The look is great for casual meetings with friends or just for a quick stroll.


Looking for a well put together official look? The blazer is just the right jacket to compliment the look. For non-shouting coloured jumpsuits, go for a brightly coloured blazer. The opposite also applies.

Trench Coat

What to look fashionable even when the weather isn’t that cozy? A trench coat worn with a jump suit gives off a laid back look yet still looking well put together. A tip for this look is to rock the look with high heel boots or just heels.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is another great way to rock a jumpsuit. The good this with denim jackets is that they match with almost any colours. No worries about colour clashing. You a can also rock the look with a pair of sunglasses. The outfit is both trendy and comfortable.

Leather Jacket

Want to go for a laid back look? You should try leather jackets. A combination of a leather jacket with a jumpsuit is eye-catching and trendy. With this look, you can wear sneaker, boots or even flat shoes. It is one of the most flexible combinations when it comes to shoes.

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