What Makeup to Wear with Red Dress?

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What makeup should I wear with a red dress?

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Matching Makeup to Your Outfit

If you're wearing a bright or eye-catching outfit, then I would recommend going for a more subtle classic makeup look.

Red is a strong colour, so I would recommend a classic smokey eye. If your red dress is for a night time look, then thick full eyelashes, black eyeliner and a smokey grey eye is all you really need.

A bit of highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones and down the centre of your nose will enhance your features, and finish with a slick of clear lip gloss.

If you're more of a lip person, then I would stick to a more simple eye look, curl your eyelashes and set with black mascara, a cat flick eyeliner is always a classic look, and then finish with a strong lip.

Matt lip creams are still very fashionable, and there are plenty available on the high street in an array of colours to suit every budget. I would try to match the red, to your dress as closely as possible, and go for a formulation that is long wearing.

Max Factor and L'Oreal do a good range of long lasting lip creams.
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Keep it subtle

My advice to you would be to keep things subtle with your makeup. You're wearing a red dress, that's your statement piece, it's flashy, bright, and eye-catching. Your makeup needs to be understated otherwise you risk overdoing things and looking gaudy.

Makeup artists describe this look as a nude glow, minimal makeup on your face, but your skin should give off a nude bronze flow. This can be achieved by using a tinted moisturiser, mineral glow powder on your cheeks, and natural matte eyeshadow.

Simple lip gloss, or a nude lipstick and you've got the look. You could always use red lipstick to enhance your red look if you've got the confidence to pull it off.
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The colour red indicates intense emotions or what the French call elan, a word derived from the French word for "to dart" (to take off quickly) and over the years has come to signify vivaciousness and elegant flamboyance.

For this reason, the red dress is seen as a symbol of authoritative and confident femininity.

Right off the bat, it's important to keep in mind that a red dress is already an extremely bold fashion choice, in and of itself. For that reason, you might want to consider going for a nude makeup approach.

Of course, nude mean wearing no makeup: rather, the au natural look is achieved by being highly-selective the tones of the products you use and frugal with the amounts.

Choose colours that blend naturally with your skin tone

Accentuate the area under the eyes by layering a corrector and then a skin tone concealer all the way to the eyelash and to the inner corner of the eye

Even out your skin tone using a tinted moisturizer set in place with a retouching powder

You may use some bronzer to highlight the contours of your face (but don't overdo it)

Use a waterproof eyeliner for a tight, accentuating line around the eyes

Use a lipstick that matches your natural colour, or even opt for nothing more than a gloss.

Then again, another option would be to find a tone of red lipstick that matches the colour of the dress.
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What makeup for Red Dress?

A red dress is a vibrant piece of clothing and if you have strong makeup it can look a little crazy. It is best to choose one feature and focus on that and leave the rest bare and minimal.

A good way of achieving this is by skipping all of the makeup decorations altogether: eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, eyeliner, etc. Instead of all those colours, focus on the contour, bronzer in order to warm your face and highlighter in order to appear fresh and dewy.

Instead of using foundation for this look, try a hydrating cream instead to give your face a young look. You'll have to make sure your skin is in good quality for this. Instead of bold colours and shades, try a highlighting blush, a natural eyeshadow and instead of liquid eyeliner, use pencil as it's a lot softer. Instead of lipstick, use a lipgloss that doesn't have much pigment to it.

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