What to Wear at Work in Summer?

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What to wear at work in summer? I need some tips for outfits I can wear at work in summertime.

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Dressing for the Office in Summer

Try wearing lighter fabrics that do not weigh down on you during the day. Cotton and linen are good examples of light fabrics and if you stick to lighter colors this can add to a more comfortable work day too. You can add cotton t-shirts under light blazers, paired with skirts or trousers, thus creating a more comfortable outfit but not going too casual either.

Summer dresses are perfect during those hot months, but make sure to stay away from spaghetti straps, dresses that are too low cut, or that are too short. You can opt for dresses that are just above the knee and strapless, but keep a blazer or cardigan in your office in case you have to go to a meeting.

A good and stylish pair of open toe shoes will dress up any summer outfit, but make sure your feet are clean and well manicured.
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Hot in the Office

One of the worst dilemmas in the summer is deciding what to wear to work. The temperatures inside make you feel like you've relocated to Antartica, yet every time you step outside, you look like you have just stepped out of the shower. The problem? How to dress appropriately for work in the summer.

The best way to combat the drastic temperature range is to layer, layer, layer! Cropped pants or knee length skirts are most suitable for the office, while the booty shorts should be left at home.

You can layer sleeveless blouses with lightweight sweaters or cardigans that you can easily change out of without disrupting your overall look. Blazers and neck scarves can also be added to a summery outfit to ensure professionalism yet keep you cozy.
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When the cold, rainy spring finally dries away and the long-awaited sun arrives, it's definitely time for a change of clothes. It's hot and you're sweaty, but what can you wear at work and still look professional?

Here are my ideas:

1. A dress: A seemingly obvious choice, not everyone knows what type of dress is acceptable. It depends on how casual your workplace is. A bodycon party dress is a no-no, but that doesn't mean you need a boring uniform black dress. If your office space is casual enough, you could get away with wearing a maxi dress. If not, then at the very least you could wear a light coloured dress to help keep the heat out.

2. Wedges or ballerina flats: Again, depending on how formal your office is, what type of shoes you wear in the summer months can vary. Wedges and ballerina flats are generally acceptable in the workplace, but flip-flops are off limits. You might be able to get away with wearing sandals though if your workplace is relaxed enough (and the rest of your outfit is smart casual too).

3. A skirt: Again, this choice appears to be an obvious one at first. But what types of skirts are acceptable to wear? Mini and bodycon skirts are definitely inappropriate, but high-waisted, pencil and even flared skirts are both professional and lightweight to wear during the hot summer days. Again, a maxi dress could be allowed depending on the nature of your work.
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The season of heat waves, electric fans, and iced water can be particularly challenging in the workplace. Wearing clothes that will keep you cool, while also making you look professional is essential.

The best way to keep cool is to wear loose-fitting shirts that are white in color. Dark colors will absorb heat so staying away from black is a good idea. Light materials such as linen are more breathable to help keep the skin cool and to allow the evaporation of sweat which is your body's natural way of keeping cool.

You could wear light colored trousers or a skirt with some breathable tights and some open-toe heels. This would look professional but be your best chance of fighting off the summer heat. Breathable and light are the key ideas around how to plan your work outfits.

It may also be beneficial to put your hair up to make your neck cooler, a classic bun is a perfectly professional look and will be beneficial in the summer months.

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