What to Wear with Leggings?

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What can I wear with leggings? I need some tips on how to combine leggings ..

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Leggings are a casual and comfortable item of clothing that can be styled with absolutely anything. They are very fashionable and go with any outfit.

Here are some ideas on what to wear with leggings.

an Oversized T-shirt
An oversized t-shirt is best to wear with leggings if you want to go for the comfy, effortless but very stylish look. Black leggings go best with any shirt that you decide on wearing.

a Shirt Dress
Leggings are the perfect thing to wear with a shirt dress whatever the weather. Shirt dresses come down to your knees and also goes extremely well with a belt. This is an amazing outfit for any occasion or just a day to day casual fit.

Crop Tops
Crop tops go with leggings perfectly, you could always wear a denim jacket to make the outfit more chic. This is a very effortless, but fashionable and casual day to day outfit that you can wear anywhere.

Oversized Jumpers
Oversized jumpers are another comfortable and fashionable item of clothing to wear with leggings. It is effortless but looks amazing for a casual lazy day.
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Almost everything pairs well with leggings! They are great for any season and super comfortable too. However, there are two basic rules when it comes to leggings;

1. Make sure they fit just right.

They should be snug on you. Loose fitting leggings are a no-no.

2. Stick to darker tones.

Black or dark chocolate-brown tones are your best friends for the right color choice of leggings.

So, what goes great with leggings?

A long top or cardigan

Since the leggings are tight, keep your top loose-fitting. If it's warm, wear a long chiffon top or tee. During the fall, an oversized cardigan would be perfect.

Denim jacket

If you’re going for a casual look, a denim jacket is just right. A style that is super trendy right now is tying a jacket around your waist.


In the fall, warm, ankle boots would go great with leggings. To look a bit more dressy, say if you’re going to dinner, pair your leggings with dark thigh-high boots.

Sneakers or flats

You can’t be in boots all the time. Going to buy groceries or just to hang out with friends? Leggings + flats make a great combo. You can also put on a comfy pair of sneakers instead.

Ensure that you wear the right underwear so that your panty-lines don’t show. Wear a thong or if you’re bold enough don’t wear any panties at all. Go ahead and get a pair or ten of leggings.
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Leggings ... the staple to every women's wardrobe?

Leggings are just fantastic. A piece of clothing so comfortable and yet so versatile, they really are a must for every woman's wardrobe, whatever their age, shape or size.

Dress them up or down, you can wear them every day and a achieve a different look by teaming with dresses, shorts or baggy jumpers.

They can look chic with heels or casual with over knee boots or trainers. With the great choice of colour, pattern and texture you do not need to be restricted to basic black either, there is a pair of leggings for every personality.

They are a great alternative to tights in colder months and the comfortable fit makes them a great choice for all day wear. Leggings come in different lengths too so you can change up your look easily depending on your activity, the season or the time of day.
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Easy ways to wear your leggings

The commonest way to wear leggings is in place of jeans. This means that you can wear them with any tops, blouses or tee-shirts that you would normally pair with jeans.

They easily look great with oversize jumpers and crop tops paired with trainers for a casual everyday look. Another easy way to wear leggings is with sportswear or active wear. These are great if you are going to the gym, Pilates, yoga or just lounging about the house.

Another great way to wear leggings is to pair them with dresses such as sweater dresses and tunics. These are great paired with accessories such as a belt or long layered necklace and booties.

Leggings can also be dressed up with a nice oversize blazer or coat for a night out; this is best done with dressier leggings such as leather leggings or embellished leggings.

Have fun experimenting unique ways to wear your leggings!
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Leggings are so versatile and there are loads of ways to wear them. A lot will depend on the occasion you are wearing them for or the look you want to achieve.

Black leggings, in particular, can look really stylish. To pull off this look, go for an oversized denim shirt and black or brown riding boots. Round things off with a pale or neutral cardigan and you've got a simple but effective outfit.

For a more laid back look, try wearing an unbuttoned checked shirt over the top of a long white t-shirt or tunic.

For an everyday look that's good for shopping in or meeting friends for lunch, a simple striped oversize t-shirt or tunic will look awesome. Keep things simple, white with a thin blue stripe works well. You can slip on a denim or military style jacket to complete the look in colder weather.

You can't go wrong with oversized loose-fitting tops with leggings, making sure that whatever you wear is long enough to cover your backside! Think layers when creating your outfit, and don't forget to accessorise to finish off whatever look you choose – big handbags and sunglasses will work a treat.

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