Which Shoes With Red Dress?

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Which shoes with a red dress?

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Whenever you are thinking of wearing an item with such an impact as a red dress, it is strongly advisable to balance the rest of your outfit down to earth.

Your dress will be more that enough to draw all the attention and everybody’s eyes are going to be fixed on it, so do not over do it with colored accessories or impressive pumps.

For a day out look, a simple pair of black sneakers or crude sandals can be a perfect match. If it is a date that you must attend, white wedges or silvery high heels with a lot of straps convey a sexy yet elegant image.

Remember: your dress is the focus and you must keep the rest of your look in the neutral zone, that meaning black, white, beige, caramel... whenever you require a more sophisticated approach, some gold or silver or ever pewter can be accepted.

Accessorize accordingly.
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Red Dress, Nude Shoes

The shoes that will go best with a red dress are nude heels. They will allow your dress to stand out and will be flattering by making your legs appear longer. Plain heels would be best, but heels with an ankle strap would be fine if you find them more comfortable.

Black heels would also look nice, especially if you have other black accessories, such as a clutch. Red heels might work with a red dress, but only if they are the exact same shade of red.

You should avoid other brightly coloured shoes, particularly if they are a colour that clashes with red, such as pink.
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A red dress makes a bold statement so you need to ensure your shoes complement your look rather than clash with it. If you can find red shoes in the same shade as your dress, you’re in luck providing the style is also a good match.

Avoid spoiling the impact of your dress with a pair of shoes that don't suit the lines or length of the dress.

Strappy sandals are great as a bit of glitz is always fabulous with red, so choosing silver or gold will add perfect sparkle to your outfit, which you can then easily team with jewellery, or accessorise with a glamorous scarf and clutch bag.

Your shoes should fit well and be comfortable to wear and, if you're going for heels, make sure you can walk easily in them otherwise they will be noticed for all the wrong reasons!

Consider what you will be doing and whether your choice of footwear is right for the event. You want to shine rather than spend the occasion regretting squeezing into those scarlet stilettos simply because they looked great in the shop.

Nude shoes are a firm favourite and often a wise choice with strong colours which can be hard to pair. Available in every style and design imaginable, this could be the practical choice which solves the problem of the perfect pair of shoes to go with your red dress while still being totally on-trend.
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If you want to wear your red dress to any occasion, be it to work, an evening out or on holiday, the only shoe rule you need to be aware if is DON'T WEAR RED SHOES WITH YOUR RED DRESS!

Nude or beige shoes work really, the length of your dress and the smartness of the occasion will determine whether you wear heels or flats. Nude shoes, tanned legs and a red dress are a lovely combination.

Similar to nudes are metallic, which you can also successfully wear with a redress, particularly gold heels or strappy sandals.

The colour that is suitable for any occasion is black, whether it's a spiky heel, a strappy sandal or even patent Oxford's. You could wear white shoes with your red dress, but this is probably best suited for less formal occasions and restricted to summer months.

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